Awake 1×05 – Oregon


Much better. After a disappointing fourth episode, Awake bounced back with a very strong hour. I’m really pleased by the fact that the writers managed to balance a very intriguing case of the week (the Gemini killer) with the ongoing mythology and Michael’s personal journey.

I especially liked his therapists analyzing the consequences of his potential move to Portland. I found myself very intrigued by this possibility and I really hope it happens soon given that the show’s ratings are pretty weak and it doesn’t look like it’s going to last very long. That’s a real shame because high concept (and quality) storytelling such as this deserves to be given a chance to flourish and thrive.

I am wondering though when the writers plan to focus again on Michael’s police captain and the revelation from a few weeks ago that she’s involved in a conspiracy regarding his original accident. Perhaps a bombshell or two are coming our way soon? Nevertheless, I do have high hopes for whatever limited run this show will have.

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