Smash 1×09 – Hell On Earth

"How's your dead hooker?"


Finally we’re getting somewhere again. I thought this was a very strong episode that found a renewed sense of focus which is ironic considering the scattered nature of the play and the characters on hand. It brought to head a number of plot points that had been brewing for a while and which really necessitated some sort of climax.

In terms of the Julia & Michael’s affair, I was so pleased to see that Frank finally found out the truth. His reaction was appropriately harsh and suitably realistic as I loved him knocking out Michael and his screaming matches with Julia. Not only did I not want to see this storyline dragged out any longer, I was glad to see it had a purpose as it allowed Julia to face the explosive consequences of her decisions and settle on a particularly appropriate name for the Marilyn musical – Bombshell.

In other news, Karen and Ivy finally faced off in a series of scenes that were both amusing (considering the drunken state of our stars) and emotionally charged. I loved that Ivy hit rock bottom during her performance (which was quite hilarious) culminating in an awesome duet with Karen in Times Square. I have to say that scene was an excellent reminder of just how charismatic these two ladies are as their combined charm practically flew off the screen. Amazing.

I do want to mention that the writers are being very sloppy in their use of Ivy’s friends. When the show started, they were a tight group. Then suddenly they became Karen’s confidantes, and now they’re back to Ivy. While one could argue the writers are merely conveying just how two-faced some friends can be, I think the writers are just utilizing them as convenient plot devices which is incredibly irritating. I had to address this point as it had been bugging me for a while.

Finally, I am quite excited by Uma Thurman’s impending arrival. I have a feeling the show is going to continue improving with her addition which is just excellent. All in all, a very effective episode and an excellent step in the right direction.

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