GCB 1×05 – Forbidden Fruit

"We realize Andrew's given you your first piece of power; we pray you don't gag on it."


The strongest episode yet. While I’ve had my doubts about GCB working out as a long term series, this episode certifiably proved that the show does indeed have viable potential to be great.

Now that we’re five episodes in, I’ve gotten a handle on this crazy world and the colorful characters that inhabit it. Moreover, the religious aspect has settled in comfortably within the foundation of the show resulting in some excellent dialogue and wonderfully hypocritical undertones.

First off, Amanda has really grown on me as a character and I especially enjoyed her hitting it off with Carlene’s brother of all people. Leslie Bibb & Eric Winter displayed some excellent chemistry in this episode and I look forward to seeing what else the relationship has to offer moving forward. Speaking of Carlene, she’s as fantastic and hysterical as ever. Practically every line Kristen is given is comedy gold and she just pulls it off effortlessly reminding me of Eva Longoria’s brilliantly vain comedic turn on Desperate Housewives.

The rest of the cast is also gaining traction and becoming considerably more likeable as we move along. Cricket is wickedly brutal and sharp, while Sharon is hilarious with her Pasteur infatuation. Heather is obviously the weakest so far although I appreciated the effort to make her more dimensional during the breakup scene.

And finally, Gigi is still a standout; an amazing character who resides in the heart of the show.

Prayers & Pieces

The priceless look on Charlene’s face when Cricket walks out singing (hilariously I might add).

– Genius twist with Eric Winter turning out to be Carlene’s brother.

– Very charming date sequence with Amanda and Luke. You can’t fake this kind of chemistry.

– Hilarious little red riding hood getup by Gigi. Talk about undercover.

– Very funny Sharon moment as she turns on the seductive charm with the whole “I think it’s time for bed” bit.

Sinful Sermons

Man: They’re not all Christians.
Carlene: Not yet. (with a wink)

Carlene: Ripp says it’s against the law to water-board immediate family.

Carlene: Lord take this image from my mind and let me live in the blessed place of denial.

All in all, GCB is really coming into its own and it just might prove to be a long-term success after all.

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