Ringer 1×20 – If You’re Just An Evil Bitch Then Get Over It


More of the same crap. The problem with Ringer is that all its lot plot twists have ZERO impact. Why should they matter when the characters themselves are lifeless vacuums sucking out energy and acting like mindless drones? I know I keep saying it but it’s a true pity this show is not the badass production its premise & star could have made it to be.
However, I did enjoy two scenes in this hour: the first was the heart to heart between Catherine & Juliet which was surprisingly poignant, touching, and well-acted culminating with the amusing evil bitch line (see episode title).

The second bright spot was the final scene in which Catherine drugged Bridget. Yes it was cheesy and filled with the usual cringe-worthy flashbacks but it at least gave us a suitable cliffhanger for once. Not to worry, the next episode will undoubtedly spoil the potential the last few moments conveyed because that my good people is the beauty of Ringer.

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