GCB 1×06 – Turn The Other Cheek

"The PAIN; it's like the fires of Satan are licking my behind!"


GCB has really found it’s groove and I couldn’t be more pleased. This was another well-written, witty, and amusing episode that perfectly utilized its wide range of characters and their hilarious quirks.

I’m really loving practically the entire cast (except Heather who’s useless). Sharon in particular has really grown on me and is slowly becoming one of my most favorite characters.

Moreover, Amanda & Luke’s relationship continues to develop enjoyably and really there’s nothing left I can praise when it comes to Carlene who is probably my favorite character on TV at the moment. Every single line she says is hysterical and she’s just a joy to watch on every level. I really hope the show keeps it up because they’re on a roll. Well done.

Prayers & Pieces

Cricket & Blake’s private jet reveal;  pure awesomeness.

– Hilarious turn of events as Carlene makes Amanda her matron of honor.

– Loved the women turning out to be expert hunters.

– Hunter’s bible. HA!

– Loved Carlene’s entrance with the crutches.

– Carlene’s apology to Sharon was just a perfect mix of snark and emotion.

– Really liked the ending with the double kiss.

Sinful Sermons

Carlene: No gifts. Just contributions to our charity, “Children with…something!”

Carlene: Does this gun make me look fat?

Carlene: (To Amanda) To be honest, trying to like you is one of the hardest trials God’s even give me.

Carlene: Really Heather? I didn’t know you could major in medicine at real estate school?

Carlene: (To Amanda) That’s surely a sin but at least you’re using your boobies for good and not evil.

A wonderfully entertaining episode that further realized GCB’s hilarious potential.

Nad Rating

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