GCB 1×07 – Sex Is Divine

"Oh Amanda sweet Amanda. This is America, fear works better."


A bit weaker but still a very amusing episode. GCB is continuing to cement itself as a wonderful guilty pleasure and a show with a lot of heart and charm.

One aspect the show really has going for it are its various couples. I really like practically all of them from Sharon & Zack’s wacky hijinks, to Blake & Circket’s bizzarro marriage, to Amanda & Luke’s evolving chemistry and of course Gigi’s new fiance. The show really struck gold in that respect and coupled with its special brand of Christian comedy, this is one show that I’ve been really enjoying this season.

Prayers & Pieces

– Hilarious Carlene crashing Luke & Amanda’s makeout session.

– The look on Cricket and Blake’s face when their potential donor says she supports Obama: priceless!

– Awesome sex scene attempt by Cricket & Blake. They really do have great chemistry.

– I quite like Amanda’s new job. Her relationship with the pasteur is definitely promising.

– Sharon & Zack’s sexscapades; awesome.

– I loved all the little touches to Carlene’s sex exhibition.

– Very amusing Carlene revealing her promiscuous history to Amanda.

– The double interrogation by Carlene & Amanda with each other’s kids could have been even funnier. It was missing something.

– The “losing it with Jesus” business plan sounds like pure gold to me!

– Amanda & Luke finally doing it was a nice bookend to the eppy,

Another agreeable episode from one of this season’s most promising new shows. Well done.

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