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Grey’s Anatomy 8×18 – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

"Not surprising; an idiot dating an idiot."


It sure feels like it’s been a long time since Greys was back with a new episode. Although I would have liked a more serious episode, this lighthearted romp was an enjoyable enough hour to get us back into the groove of things. The final batch of episodes will undoubtedly tackle things in a more serious manner so I was willing to give this one a pass and enjoy it.

First off, I loved the elderly couple subplot. Anytime Greys uses old people as patients it just breaks my heart and this episode did not have a shortage of such moments. I was praying throughout the hour that Mr.Carol would survive only for the show to blindside us by killing off Mrs. Carol in a most unexpected manner. As horrifying as that was, it was supremely well done particularly the final scene when Teddy breaks the news to Mr. Carol. It just killed me watching that scene. Very touching and emotional.

Megan and Alex on the other hand I could do without. Both characters don’t really interest me at all and I prefer spending time with characters I actually like. Arizona and Callie for instance had a very fun subplot dealing with the former’s exes and it was a nice change of pace.

As for Christina and Hunt, things were a bit too slow for my tastes until of course, that epic ending. My jaw literally dropped when Christina splashed Owen with cornflakes as it was just so unexpected. Talk about a comedic cliffhanger.

Bits & Scalpels

– Teddy harassing the widow made her VERY unlikeable in the beginning.

– Even the old couple saw the lion, ha!

– Lexie is much too desperate today. It’s annoying. And the bangs, they’ve gotta go.

– Awesome scene as Arizona explained about AND (allowing natural death) to Megan.

– Mrs. Carol pleading with Teddy not to “make her a widow” was depressingly good but a bit too on- the-nose in how it relates to Teddy.

– Hilarious Arizona naming her exes in the cafeteria. I love seeing her playful side.

– For the first time in a long time, I liked Alex as he berated Megan (who is very annoying).

– I like McSteamy defending Arizona to Callie.

– Teddy finally saying “I’m a widow” was a great moment.

– It’s great to have Meredith & Derek live their life contently without forcing conflicts on them that seem superfluous.

Must Download Tune
Snow Patrol – The Weight Of Love

An enjoyable and light hour that capably moved things along.

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