Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time 1×15 – Red-Handed


The best episode in a long time. Who would have thought after the previous horrible episode we’d get such a strong offering. I’ve been waiting for an episode centered on Ruby for a while now and this one did not disappoint. I absolutely loved the feel of the entire episode and thought Meghan Ory carried the episode beautifully. The writers did an excellent job of adding some fun and unexpected twists to the whole red riding hood scenario. It was excellent to have her actually turn out to be the Big Bad Wolf in a tragic and haunting sequence of events. Oh and I loved that the Granny in this world is a crossbow-wielding badass! Hilarious.

Finally, we got a pretty good cliffhanger for once with the reveal of Mary Margret’s fingerprints being on the human heart. It looks like this show may have some life in it left after all.

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