Smash 1×10 – Understudy


Another strong offering. I’m glad Smash isn’t letting up because it became too focused on the cast’s personal lives at one point. Now with the focus squarely on Marylin and the various deceptions and blindsides, it’s been quite the amusing ride.

I quite liked Karen finally getting the part in this episode (well as an understudy at least) although Uma Thurman’s arrival at the end is sure to cause some sparks. Hopefully that dynamic will elevate the show and make it even better because there’s still room for improvement.

The aspect that I liked most in this hour was Derek’s apology to Karen followed by his fight with her useless boyfriend. Is it wrong that I feel Karen & Derek would make a much more entertaining couple regardless of his sexual harassment tendencies? He at least has a personality unlike Dev.

Finally, I loved seeing Eileen finally growing some balls and burning the investors” contracts. It’s about time she took some initiative and did something proactive. Debra Messing however is now in her moping stage and it’s dreadfully boring. All the writers have to do now is trim the dead weight and Smash would be a consistently entertaining diversion.

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