Cougar Town

Cougar Town 3×07 – You Can Still Change Your Mind

"I can't do math! I can do basic math, like if the nanny breaks a glass that's minus 7 dollars from her paycheck."


I wish more people knew just how brilliant a comedy Cougar Town is. The cast is one of the finest ensembles on television, and the show has gone from to strength ever since it flipped its premise over its head after its bizarre beginning. To me, it’s the true successor to “Friends” with a similar group of misfits who are fantastic together and just so well developed. Moreover, the little moments of drama interspersed throughout are always touching and poignant, a truly impressive feat.

While this episode wasn’t the greatest or the funniest hour, it was another enjoyable romp in a world that I can’t get enough of. I seriously love every single member of our cast and it’s just such a joy to spend time with them every week. Everything from Ellie’s magnificent wisecracks as she abuses Laurie to Andy’s & Bobby’s creepily cool dynamic is always spot on and amazing.

If this show gets cancelled this season (which is very likely) it would be one of the most undeserved cancellations of all time. Here’s hoping ABC recognizes the show’s loyal fan base and Jules & Co stick around for many more years to come.

Drinks & Pieces

– Loved Andy’s kicking Angie under the table for cheating on his precious Bobby.

– Laurie playing Simon; utterly priceless.

– Grayson’s father speak is so very him.

– Jules feeding Travis a “finger” full of yoghurt. So hilariously disturbing. I love their relationship.

– Brilliant scene with Ellie showing Laurie how Simon is really played complete with a victory sip mid-game.

– Will you look at that, Bobby wants something serious and says no to “fun”.

– The trio walking down the street in their special pants and the triple kick was just a really cool ending.

Priceless Sips

Jules: Ellie, I had to tee-tee in the yard.

Ellie: Please try Simon. I want to see if a jellybean can do it.

  Laurie: Jules told me never to ask but why do you call me a jellybean?
Ellie: Well JB, when Jules first hired you, I thought you were so simpleminded she could convince   you that jellybeans were more valuable than gold and subsequently pay you in jellybeans. This concept was eventually shortened into your nickname; Jellybean.
Laurie: Not as dumb as you think.
Ellie: We’ll see. Simon, get her!

Laurie: Why do I suck at this?
Ellie: It’s not your fault. When you were a fetus your mom existed on funnel cakes and motorcycle fumes. Consider it a victory you don’t have a tail.

Ellie: Don’t be sad, I hear they’re coming out with a jellybean version; just one BIG button.

  Laurie: Usually I don’ mind taking your crap. You call me a slut, I say it’s a lifestyle choice. You say I’m uncouth, no biggie I don’t know what that means. And you’re always calling me dumb but I never really thought you meant it. Do you really think I’m dumb?
Ellie: It would be easier to just say no.

Jules: I’m not gonna give you money whenever you need it.
Travis: Yeah you will.
Jules: Yeah I will, we should probably open a joint bank account.

An amusing enough episode that further exemplifies why Cougar Town is one of the most exceptional comedies around.

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