New Girl

New Girl 1×05 – Cece Crashes

"She's really loose with her body so I just wanna apologize in advance for anything she might do."


Will you look at that. I’m glad I stuck with New Girl because five episodes in, I realize that this show has finally found its rhythm and I’m enjoying it immensely. That’s a true testament to its talented cast and the life they’ve brought to their multidimensional characters (and it’s not just Zooey Deschanel who’s the talented one).

All three guys (Nick, Schmidt, & Winston) are excellent, as is Cece who is becoming a personal favorite of mine. Having her crash the apartment added a wonderful new dynamic to the proceedings and I really hope she continues to be an integral part of the cast for the rest of the season.

I haven’t been excited over a new comedy since Suburgatory so I can’t wait to catch up and see what else the show has to offer and if it continues to be endearing, charming, and just a complete joy to watch.

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