Ringer 1×21 – It’s Called Improvising, Bitch!

"We both know you're never more than one disgusting sex act away from shacking up with a new sugar daddy."


Good lord. I seriously wonder sometimes what goes in the Ringer writing room. How in the world do they come up with this stuff? Could there have been a weirder scene in television history than Siobhan being pushed into a closet by the Russian hooker / maid where she goes into labor while watching a sex-infused cocaine overdose? It was insane and undeniably entertaining. In fact, this was Ringer’s strongest episode yet. Yes it’s nuts, unbelievable, and full on stupid, but it at least tried to have some fun with its characters in the process. This was pure diverting TV trash and it’s exactly what Ringer should have been since its inception.

I wish Catherine was always the primary antagonist of the show. Stuff like her various plans to eliminate Bridget & Andrew in this episode would have been very welcome in the beginning of the season when Siobhan was busy being the most useless arch-nemesis of all time. Moreover, the twist with Catherine being romantically involved with Olivia of all people was surprisingly awesome and did a pretty effective job of tying together the various contrivances that traumatized us this season. In addition, the numerous flashbacks between the two psychos were unexpectedly heartfelt and strangely compelling. Yes, I just used the word compelling in a Ringer review. The end is upon us.

All in all, this was a very entertaining and dare I say it, engaging episode of Ringer. It’s too bad the show’s strongest hour had to happen so late and so close to what is sure to be the series finale of the show. Here’s hoping Ringer’s final outing manages to top this episode and allow this wretched excuse of a show to go out with a bang.

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  1. You're reviews are always so scathing, I love them! I wouldn't call it a wretched excuse for a show though, just kind of terrible sometimes…

    I agree with everything you've said, particularly what you said about the Catherine stuff happening earlier on; it could have seriously envigorated the show.

    I'm still happy with this one, hopefully the finale is even bigger.

    Also, just in case you didn't notice, you've titled this as episode 19 =)

  2. Ooops thanks for the heads up. I just fixed it. I can't believe we stuck with Ringer for 21 episodes. That's just insane. What a year. The pilot feels like it was so long ago!
    I still feel sad by the way that Ringer (as much as we've enjoyed it) is not the drop-dead brilliant awesome SERIOUS show it could have been. Really Panda with such a premise (which I still think is fantastic) and SMG it should have been cable-TV quality not a trashy guilty pleasure that no one takes seriously. When the show was announced I thought it would be the next big thing and win rave reviews for Sarah especially that it was first going to be on CBS. Then it wen to the CW and everything went downhill from there. I
    don't think I'll ever get over this disappointment.

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