Suburgatory 1×18 – Downtime

"What do you feel? / Angerment. Bitterness. Resent."


As far as I’m concerned, Suburgatory is still the strongest new comedy of the season. When it was first announced, I wondered how they would take the Desperate Housewives suburban satire niche and successfully differentiate it enough for the show to have its own unique tone and quirks. I’m glad to say that 18 episodes into its first season, the show is still as phenomenal as it was in its pilot. Much like Revenge (my favorite new drama of the season), Suburgatory has pretty much never faltered and has consistently realized a hilarious world and a range of lovable characters. I’m glad that the show is a success because it has enough material to go on for a very long time and this episode did not disappoint.

Dallas and George continue to develop as their relationship has just been wonderful to watch evolve over the season. The writers have balanced a careful line in not moving too fast or too slow and it’s just been a perfect arc that hasn’t missed a beat. It was definitely my favorite storyline of the episode. Of course, Sheila as always did not disappoint (she had a number of remarkable lines this week) and I enjoyed Tessa bonding with Ryan of all people.

My one caveat with the show this season (if any) was that Lisa wasn’t the most intriguing character as I always felt she didn’t fit into the show. I’m happy to say that the show has capably rectified this as she’s finally become an integral and vital component of the cast in the past few episodes. Well done ladies and gents. That’s how you fix your flaws.

Pickets & Fences

– Lisa, Maleek, & the water fountain. Hysterical. (And then the ice cream).

– Dalia at therapy? That could be its own show. Genius idea.

– The Yokult reveal: priceless.

– Noah test-driving the bed with his bedroom moves. Awesomeness.

– Cute montage with Tessa on her night alone at home.

– Dalia getting mad at Yokult for eating more than half her spring roll was great. As was her bonding with Noah. I like it when writers experiment with different combinations of characters.

– Touching moment between George and Dallas on the bed as he cheered her up.

– I died when the kangaroo was revealed. I died even more when Dalia said she uses him to hold her cellphone.

– The boob touching was strangely touching (pardon the pun) in a creepy sort of way.

Slices Of Suburbia

Sheila: Now you listen to me Lisa Marie. For years I have sat here while you prattled on about your social life when nothing even remotely interesting was going on. Well now that things are getting real, I want details. I want the dish. Bring it on Sista!

Dallas: Oh George you startled me! I was mid-tweet. Hastag, mid-tweet. I’m all yours.

Sheila: I think he has an Obama quality. I see a young Obama. Meets Denzel. Meets Sammy Davis Junior.
Lisa: You’re just naming black people.
Sheila: Meets Montel Jordan.
Malik: I actually get that a lot.
Sheila: Ha. You’re jiving me!

Sheila: Would you like to sleep over tonight?
Malik: I don’t think my mom would allow that.
Sheila: Of course not. (To Lisa) I just don’t want him to lose interest.

Sheila: Okay lovebirds time for school. (To Malik) HIP HOP or you’re gonna be late. (Hands him a lunch bag) Ham & Cheese Brotha. If you keep dating Lisa, plenty more where that came from.

George: I’m worried about her. She seemed a little manic that last time we talked.
Dallas: Hey Ya’all. I hope I’m dressed okay. Since I didn’t know what we were doing, I brought a raincoat, a walking coat, a car coat, and a cape. In case we see Opera. We probably won’t see Opera.

Dalia This is why I asked Mommy to please get me the Hangover Monkey, like from that movie The Hangover.

Lisa: (To Tessa) Cause me and you we’re for real. Like Thelma and that other hoe.

Dallas: I don’t even know what a depressed person dresses like.

Ryan: Are you sure you’re okay with this? Cause I know they don’t serve any of the food listed on your pajamas.

An excellent episode of a superb show that has pitch-perfect confidence in its world and its characters.

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