Missing 1×04 – Tell Me No Lies

"The CIA likes people with trust issues."


If Missing gets cancelled this year, I won’t really lose any sleep over it. Yes it’s entertaining and has displayed occasional glimmers of potential throughout its first four episodes but its also immensely sloppy and contrived.

This episode is a perfect example of this show’s strengths and flaws. On one hand, it was an aesthetically gorgeous episode. The on-location shooting was really fantastic as the various European locales just popped off the screen and everything just felt very authentic (particularly in the expertly produced chase sequences). Moreover, the flashbacks of Becca & Paul’s relationship were wonderfully done and added some much needed gravitas to the proceedings. I especially loved the final scene with Becca flipping through Paul’s file and absorbing his double life intercut with flashbacks of their wedding day. It was simply beautifully done.

Speaking of Paul, I know I should have seen the twist coming (Spy Hijinks 101) but I really didn’t, or at least not so soon. So it was quite the awesome moment when Becca discovered she was chasing her previously deceased husband. Finally, her dynamic with Martin is a touching one and I look forwarding to seeing that relationship develop.

Regardless of these strengths however, a lot of the episode’s events felt forced and bizarre. Becca always seems to know what to do next no matter what, and the dialogue is especially atrocious. While Ashley Judd is undoubtedly talented, even she’s going to start looking confused when all she has to say is “I’m looking for my son Michael” or some variation of that line. We’re only four episodes in and that mantra has gotten old fast.

Moreover, the less said about Michael the better. He’s a vacuum of a character (much like the rest of the cast barring Becca & Martin) and every second he’s on screen I fight the urge to jump off a cliff. Oksana isn’t the least bit intriguing either, and I found myself pleased that she found herself on the receiving end of a fake(?) beating at the end.

Ultimately, Missing still has a lot of kinks to iron out before it can became a great show. At the moment, it’s an entertaining brainless diversion but not much else. Here’s hoping the show can improve with the very few hours it has left.

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