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The Client List 1×02 – Turn The Page


I really can’t praise Jennifer Love Hewitt enough. Aside from her ample assets, she has continued to cement herself as a charming talent who has single-handedly saved The Client List from the pits of Z-list oblivion. The show’s writing & performances aren’t nearly as good as they should be and yet, Hewitt’s magnetism and charisma salvage the show from every angle. Could she have been more endearing and lovable than in that awesome “Before He Cheats” performance? Sure it was cheesy and heavy-handed, but I found myself grinning from ear to ear and that’s the effect of a true star at work.

The show’s strongest storyline is undoubtedly Riley & Evan’s growing relationship. While it could have easily seemed forced, the twosome’s chemistry surprisingly works and I find myself excited to see them together.

In addition, the show’s final dream sequence was very well done particularly the moment Kyle calls Riley a whore and we discover just how guilty and insecure she feels with her new job. It was definitely an unorthodox way to end the hour.

I do however have a bone to pick with Riley’s “special client” scenes. Where are the fatties and the vulgar pigs? It would be wise of the show to throw her a few clients that aren’t do-gooders with hearts of gold and abs of steel. I know showcasing that clientele wouldn’t be the most popular choice to satisfy the show’s female demographic but a bit of realism would do the show good. Moreover, Riley’s best friend at the moment is a bit too much of a caricature mandated to fill the fat-best friend role. Her comedic moments aren’t as effective as they should. (I am however somewhat enjoying Cybill Shephard as Riley’s mom).

And can Loretta Devine please stops spouting off such cliche gems as “Knowledge is power?” Because if she plans on teaching Riley a lesson every week I just might have to poke my eyes out.

Ultimately while this hour of The Client List had its bright spots, this was an average episode and I’m pretty sure the show can do better.

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  1. I haven't seen this show, but it always struck me as ridiculous. Because, as much as they try and disguise, it's a show about… you know… handjobs.

    And naturally all her clients are models.

    I've never been a huge Hewitt fan, either. Maybe it's her personality more than her acting (she always comes across as sort of desperate and love-crazed), but Neve Campbell definitely ranks up there as my late '90s scream queen crush instead of her. Heh.

  2. Weird Max I noticed too that I sometimes don't have to fill out randomly. Unless they finally removed that annoying security measure!
    The handjob thing is so very accurate.
    As for Never Campbell, funny I DESPISE her for some odd reason!!

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