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Ringer 1×22 – I’m The Good Twin (Series Finale)

"You've got the wrong girl!"


Well good riddance I must say. It’s pretty much a sure thing that Ringer won’t get another season and honestly the show doesn’t deserve it. It’s been an incomprehensible, appalling mess since the beginning and the writers never even tried to salvage the show from its lazy brand of storytelling and failed potential.

I didn’t expect much from the series(?) finale, because I knew I would undeniably find myself disappointed like I’ve been with every episode of this show. However, I can’t hide the fact that I really wanted Bridget & Siobhan to meet after all their close calls this year. Honestly it’s the one satisfying event the writers could have given us and they failed to even do that. It’s insulting really as I recently read an interview with one of the show’s most pivotal producers who mentions how intense and well thought out this season has been. I found that very delusional and couldn’t believe that she wouldn’t admit the show’s flaws once asked because really Ringer should be the poster child of missed opportunities and abysmal storytelling.

I still wonder how they managed to muck up and obliterate a premise that had so much potential while simultaneously tainting my love for an actress I once found brilliant. It literally irritates me just how badly Ringer has been handled from very angle and I pray Sarah Michelle Gellar can find a more worthy vehicle in the future and prove to us again that she can be quite great given the right material.

As for this episode, really it was just more of the same trash we’ve been the fed the last 7 months. I will say I enjoyed Bridget’s confession to Andrew, and the final chase sequence before that was ruined by yet another close call between our favorite twins.

Ultimately, while part of me regrets ever committing to Ringer, I have to say there’s a been a positive outcome from faithfully stick with this show: it taught me to appreciate quality television and proved to me that even the most fantastic premises and talented stars can’t save a script that just was never there to begin with.

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P.S. I’m praying the CW doesn’t renew Ringer just to screw with us because I have a feeling I’ll continue to watch out of sheer curiosity (after all, the twins still haven’t met). Talk about pure torture…

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