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The Vampire Diaries 3×19 – Heart Of Darkness

"What good is you dying and coming back to life if I can't use you to talk to a ghost when I need you to?"


Things are finally back on track. After several weeks of flopping about, The Vampire Diaries gives us an utterly perfect episode that epitomizes everything that is just so great about this show and reminds me how brilliant it can be when all its elements are on point.

Honestly there’s nothing I would change about this episode. The various allegiances, body-switches, love triangles finally came to a head and carved an intricate web of excitement in the all-out war that is soon to arrive. The reveal of Esther taking over Rebekah’s body was simply awesome. It’s exactly the kind of plot development this final stretch needed to kick everything into high gear. The mind boggles at the possibilities of a team-up between Esther/Rebekah & Faux-Alaric which infused a renewed sense of urgency into the show.

Speaking of Faux-Alaric, he was magnificently handled during this hour. It was actually the first time I found myself completely enthralled by the sinister character. Matthew David really knocked it out of the park and I was fascinated by all of his scenes with Stefan. Menacing and brutal.

And finally, could there have been a more perfect sequence on television this year than Elena & Damon’s makeout session and everything that lead up to it? It began beautifully with Elena pretending to be asleep while slowly watching Damon, through their nuanced talk and finally that epic liplock. Nina & Ian’s chemistry coupled with my favorite song of the year (Never Let Me Go) was just the icing of the cake. It was a stunning sequence (probably my favorite ever on the show) and one I will undoubtedly remember and replay for a long time to come.

Bits & Bites

– Return appearances by both Jeremy and Tyler? That’s pretty good.

– I seriously love Rebekah. She’s very lovable and damaged.

– Nina Dobrev sure looked beautiful as she watched Damon from her bed.

– I liked Rose’s insight over the love triangle although it was a bit too heavy-handed for my liking.

– Tyler is still a drama queen I see (finding Klaus’s drawing).

Vampy Zingers

Damon: Next time we compel him, remind me to make him better at baseball.

Jeremy: Where are we?
Damon: Corner of somewhere and nowhere.

Damon: Well didn’t you find it weird how you made a friend so fast? Have you met you?

Must Download Tunes
The Strange Familiar – Redemption
Florence & The Machine – Never Let Me Go

A marvelous hour of The Vampire Diaries and a true return to form.

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  1. I've already gushed to anyone who would listen abt this episode. And I may have stopped random people on the street to gush some more too. Anyway, i just realized that this episode summarizes all relationships. OH quit the eyerolling and hear me out:
    -You have the tylers/carolines of the world that make some of us hate all relationships and flee them for the sheer unnecessary drama they bring.
    -You have the matts/rebekahs of the world that are looking to get something out of the relationship.
    -You have the stefans/elenas of the world that are all warm and cuddly and stuff like that but in fact they're just messed up and they are only functional within relationships… problem is: any and all individual growth within the couple is halted so that bliss persists… which it doesn't.
    -You have the damons/elenas of the world that challenge and entice. They make the ppl in them question who they are, they're never bored or sick of each other…Their conversations run way longer than they think they will.. Every day is an adventure. this is the best kind of relationships… except it burns so rapidly and so hotly that it may self destruct…

  2. Really fascinating insights. You know I really find it weird how passionate Stefan & Elena supporters are. They're such a boring couple whereas Delena are freakin' epic and probably my favorite couple on television right now.
    The less said about Tyler and Caroline the better. I really hate Tyler actually. The actor has no charisma and the character just bores me to tears. I strongly encourage killing him off this season!

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