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Grey’s Anatomy 8×19 – Support System

"So do we have another lady or is it just two lesbian moms and a window at Seattle's most romantic restaurant?"


An amusing enough hour. I would have imagined things would have been a bit more exciting this close to the finale but this was still an entertaining hour that did a good enough job of moving things forward.

I’m not sure if dragging out Christina & Hunt’s problems this long has been the best decision. I know I didn’t enjoy their therapy episode, but this hour was handled in a better manner particularly with the various flashback moments of their relationship interspersed throughout. Moreover, I did enjoy Hunt recounting the exact details of his one night stand and Christina’s range of emotions from painful screams to laughing at herself for crying over a “little boy.” It was undeniably an excellent performance by Sandra Oh who never fails to disappoint.

As for the rest of the hour, I enjoyed McSteamy taking over as Chief (through his sneakiness) as he continuously encouraged Derek to “rise” and clashed with Webber. Actually it struck me as I was watching that it would do the show good to make him Chief on a permanent basis as the character deftly balances humor and drama whereas Hunt only caters to the drama part.

Finally I enjoyed the ladies night storyline. Teddy has been a pleasure to watch all season and it was nice to see Bailey, Arizona, and Callie band together and agree to spend some quality time with her.

All in all, a fun hour but I’m still waiting for the greatness to return.

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  1. ep 19: I hated Bailey, Arizona and Callie in episode 19. Seriously? Quit bit–ing and give the girl a girls' night out at the most romantic restaurant u can get! Her husband died! Awful, awful people.

    What i like abt Owen and Christina's current storyline is that they really didn't set out to make Owen a hateable bad guy. He's a good guy that made a mistake. Or maybe they just made us like him too much to just hate him all of a sudden. The sound of her weeping made me want to tell him to get out of there, and come back when she's calm. She was heartbreaking.

    Ep 20: You said it all Nad.
    I wish that airport scene at the end lasted at least 30 more minutes. It was so realistic and so true to the core 5 that you just wanted it to sit there watch them shoot zingers off each other… even if they go nowhere. Anyone who has friends who are career-driven has lived that exact same scene. I love it.

  2. Plus did you notice how much the colors popped throughout the episode? Especially that last scene. Set design and photography should get props. It was vibrant.

  3. So true I agree about Owen. He could have been quite hated at this point if the writers didn't handle it so well. I really do see him as a guy who just made a mistake and regrets it terribly. I can't really pick a side which is great as it proves how realistically and subtly they've orchestrated the arc. Still, it's gone on a bit too long for my liking.

    I loved that final airport scene too. It felt like it should be their new hangout honestly! I'm really glad the show isn't ending this year and I hope most of the cast return next year. I”m not ready to say goodbye to Desperate Housewives AND Grey's Anatomy.

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