Scandal 1×02 – Dirty Little Secrets

"I'm DC's finest Madame dear."


 Well well well. I’m surprisingly impressed. After a flawed but somewhat intriguing pilot, Scandal’s second outing was a pretty good showcase of what this show could be capable of on a weekly basis. The call-girl crisis was intricately handled and it was enjoyable watching Olivia’s team scatter to solve the issue at hand (while juggling Amanda Tanner whose subplot entices me).

Moreover, I loved the increased emphasis on The President as that storyline is compelling on practically every level. His chemistry with Olivia is excellent and Kerry Washington displayed an ever wider ranger here than the pilot. She’s a little less of a wonder woman now which is a good choice as it definitely makes her more relatable.

I still have issue with the Grey’s Anatomy dialogue (especially when it’s coming out of the mouth of the leader of the free world) but I can now actually see myself watching Scandal on a regular basis. Color me impressed.

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  1. Hear hear on the grey's anatomy dialogue. I wanted to slap it out of him. And i really really need Lips to stop making self-righteous proclamations of how good she is… then have it followed by her original staff saying “excuse her, she's just so perfect, she gets pissed when you forget it for 5 minutes”. Some balls would not hurt, that's all i'm saying.
    I'm loving this show, i will watch it as soon as it comes out, but i think there's something missing… Maybe some sweet puppy love romance u want to root for (they seem to be putting the foundation for a newgirl/tech guy romance). Maybe it's missing some eccentric recurring character, i dunno it's missing something. Everyone just blends together, they're pretty one-dimentional so far, and i can't memorize names… that's not a good sign. But if they keep the great scripts coming, they'll have to flesh out the characters sooner or later right?

  2. Yes the Olipsia lines about her being awesome and Godly are soo heavy handed that it's really irritating! We get it, she's a kickass protagonist. We see the work, they don't need to state it every 5 minutes!
    I agree with you about something being missing. But it's not the romance for me. In fact, I love the President relationship as that fills the romance quota of the show for me. But the missing thing is definitely what you mentioned about everything blending together and the cast being one-dimensional. So far the plots are making the episodes, not the characters (Which is not something you can say about Grey's Anatomy). So hopefully, in a few episodes, Shonda will figure out the kinks. After all, I didn't really love Greys until halfway through the second season. Here's hoping Scandal finds it voice faster!

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