Smash 1×11 – The Movie Star


Not the greatest. I’m not sure how I feel about Uma Thurman’s arrival to the show. I never really liked her as an actress although I think she might work as the irritating movie star. Still, it feels like the writers are just wasting time and dragging things out until the finale where they can finally pick between Ivy & Karen. Moreover, the Tom character is really starting to annoy me. Do we really need so much focus on his personal life? The show has struggled with its identity this season; whether it wants to focus purely on the Marylin show, or the crew’s personal lives, and I think it would be a wise choice to just stick to the former. Here’s hoping Smash can really embrace its identity with its last two episodes of the season.

Oh, and can people please stop bursting into song for absolutely no reason whatsoever? Its turning into Glee and not in a good way…

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