The Good Wife

The Good Wife 3×20 – Pants On Fire

"The city's top crystal meth dealer in the waiting room with its top judge? Yes that qualifies as awkward scheduling."


I never thought I’d ever find Chandler Bing to be a scumbag! Matthew Perry just played the slimy, evil politician so well that I literally wanted to shatter the screen and strangle him to death. That’s a testament to how good an actor he is although truthfully I wonder how much of him I’ll be able to stand in the long run. The scene in which he completely denied lying to Alicia was hard to watch particularly because Julianna played it so well with her flustered expressions and it looked like she was on the brink of snapping at him as well.

As for Jackie, she got a lot of screen-time in this one and although I’m not such a fan, I did love Peter finally standing up to her and putting her in her place. Of course he stroke was conveniently timed but I think it’s time the writers kill her off because they’ve pretty much exhausted the character.

And finally, talk about a beautiful ending shot with Peter announcing that he’ll be running for Governor as we reveal Alicia standing beside him much like she did in the beginning of the series. It was a wonderfully staged full-circle moment especially with the final snapshot of her looking on. Ultimately, this would have been a A episode if it wasn’t for the case of the week with the girls and the murder trial. I was simply not engaged and found myself bored with that plot. Thankfully, the rest of the episode was more than up to par.

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