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Once Upon A Time 1×19 – The Return


The problem with Once Upon A Time is that it’s full of empty threats and promises. I’ve seriously lost count of how many times Regina or Emma have vowed to tear each other apart only only for those promises to fizzle out and result in an yet another anticlimax. What makes Emma’s promise to take back her son at the end any different? Is it because we’re nearing the season finale that I’m supposed to finally take her seriously? I’m sorry but there’s only so much faux-hype one can take.

I guess the Rumpelstiltskin stuff was proficiently handled in this episode, but I didn’t myself really intrigued by the hour’s proceedings. I did enjoy Gold & Regina openly talk about the curse for the first time but I feel like that moment should have been more momentous than it was.

This finally brings me to my biggest beef with the show; I have absolutely no emotional attachment to a single character. That’s a terrible flaw to have 19 episodes in. Look at show like Revenge which hooked me into its lead protagonist’s cause within the span of five minutes, and then watch how this show stumbles as it tries to pump me up for what should have been an epic season finale.

I have no doubt that Once Upon A Time has potential. Unlike Ringer for example which I only stuck with because it was a train-wreck, I’m sticking with this show because the premise is still fantastic, and the show has shown glimmers of that awesome potential every once in a while. I just wish it would fire on all cylinders and really blow my mind. Say what you will about Lost after it became a disaster, but that show’s premiere season was marvelous television, and this season was anything but a masterpiece.

However, there’s still hope. And I still have faith. Let’s see if they can surprise me…

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  1. I honestly don't know why you're so disappointed with it!

    I think it's been more than satisfying the past few weeks, ever since Heart of Darkness it's been on a forward march. Not that I didn't enjoy slower paced episodes like Dreamy, I did, I just love this new drive.

    I don't really feel like its missed out on its potential either. For a TV series its been making the right decisions, and so far its been heading in the right direction. I don't really feel like its been making false promises either. Emma has only ever filled the role of Henry's companion and friend, and her proposal was the first big move towards regaining her rightful position as his mother. That's where the power of it laid for me, anyway.

    As for the characters, I instantly connected with all of them. Even Emma, who has been a little dense the past few weeks, is still someone who you can't help but root for. And even though I found her insufferable at first, I'm loving the new direction they've taken with Mary. Weirdly I loved Snow instantly. She was kind of bad ass.

    It interesting how different our opinions are. Great review all the same =)

  2. That was fascinating Panda. It really is amazing how two people who agree so much on the highs and lows of one show (Charmed) among many others, can have such varying opinions on another. You persuaded me to a degree but I still find it disappointing. Anyways, please keep your comments coming. Always compelling!

  3. Well… that was something. the sets were nice!
    I'm kidding. I loved this. it has all the shortcomings you mentioned in the first paragraph. But i disagree on the characters, Panda has a point IMHO. I'm very invested in Charming and Snow's thing, and i care abt Regina and that psychiatrist. The others can fall into a vortex that leads somewhere with no TV.
    And Lost rocked all the way til the end ok!?! Season 3 lagged then kicked back into gear in that amazing season finale. I'm insulted just talking about this. Someone get me my booze!

    PS: Really, show? A limping man with a cane can physically threaten a 30 year old fit man? yeah ok.

  4. Hahah well I guess I'm the odd one out with regards to this show then!
    As for Lost, I never stopped loving it but I'm still bitter over the stupid ending where the writers got lazy and decided to forgo answering any mystery questions. Much like the Alias finale, I got my character needs fulfilled, but not plot-wise and I needed both!

  5. Ok, we agree on the Lost thing. You saw the 15 minute thing that came as a dvd extra with Ben right? It's on youtube. it answered like 1.5% of the questions that were left hanging…

  6. I'm with Nadim on the Lost ending, it was so lazy. I just felt cheated, and a little bitter I'd wasted 6 years of my life I would never get back!

  7. Didn't see the DVD thing Mario. Really never thought about Lost since it ended which rarely happens with me. I think I subconsciously closed the book on that show forever after I saw the finale two years ago.
    Thank you Panda 🙂
    By the way, I just read that Snow & Charming are dating in real life!!! Talk about a twist I didn't see coming!

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