Revenge 1×18 – Justice

"Sorry to interrupt your regularly-scheduled plotting." 


Revenge’s shift to courtroom drama the past two episodes (ever since it returned from the hiatus) has felt very jarring. I actually always imagined that this would be how the second season would look like. And while I usually enjoy law machinations, I felt last week that the show was missing something. Sure enough, this feeling continued throughout the first half of this episode. Then, Daniel confronted Emily at her house and my faith was renewed by the end of the hour. This is one show that barely had a single misstep throughout its marvelous first season so I’m positive it will go out on a high.

First off,  I’m surprised Daniel’s trial ended so early. It’s actually quite the impressive move on the writers’ part because the storyline could have easily been dragged out until the finale by a lesser show. They obviously still have some marvelous stories up their sleeves which is undeniably exciting.

As for Charlotte & Declan, I was ready to start another rant about just how useless and annoying the characters are and then Charlotte went ahead and got interesting for the first time in a while. I surprisingly enjoyed her bad girl scene as she bribed the maid and proceeded to have sex with her drug dealer. If the writers decide to make her a full-on villain instead of a love-struck idiot with the IQ of a shrimp, the character just might work yet.

And finally for the second week in a row, Revenge delivers a knockout ending. I absolutely loved everything from the cinematography to the rousing score as the writers delivered a fake-out and we realized Lee (instead of Daniel) had hung himself and Emily came to the realization that the Graysons did indeed murder her father. I’ve said it a million times this season and I’ll say it again, she’s a fantastic protagonist and I can’t wait to see what sneaky plans she intends to hatch as we wind down the season.

Vengeful Bits

– Wonderful slow-motion opening of Daniel’s trial and Emily’s excellent voicover (for once). I really really enjoyed her insight about jurors.

– Daniel drinking again. That can’t be good.

– Conrad threatening Dominique made me despise him even more if that’s possible.

– Fantastic scene with Daniel confronting Emily before the police storm in and she eyes her bag.

– Can Declan just die already?

– Brilliant move by Emily putting the bloody sweatshirt in Lee’s car.

– Victoria screaming at Conrad for scaring off Dominique was a surprisingly touching moment for the character.

Devious Delights

Victoria: Go home Emily.  And tomorrow, deliver the performance of your life.

After last week’s underwhelming episode, this was a strong hour and a welcome return to form.

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