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Grey’s Anatomy 8×21 – Moment Of Truth


Beautiful hour. Our favorite residents have finally reach their boards and while we won’t get to see the interviews until next week’s hour, this was another excellent installment of one of my most favorite shows.

There was just so much to love about this one. First off, Meredith’s stomach flue was a fun little obstacle to add to the mix. It got her and Christina talking in a very well done scene (although I could have done without the hands under the doors) and it cemented just what an important milestone the boards are in these people’s lives. The ending in particular was superb as the various residents were called into the testing rooms and Alex fails to make it in time (or so we are lead to believe).

April Kepner was also surprisingly awesome for the first time in a long long time. Although she started out annoying, we got an excellent twist that redeemed the character with pretty badass bar fight. Her sleeping with Avery was also a welcome development and I look forward to seeing where this takes our characters.

And finally, can I please mention how much I love Avery’s mom? Her relationship with the chief might just be the single most amusing coupling on the show right now. I really wanted them to hook up and the scene did not disappoint. Here’s hoping she sticks around because the chemistry between them both is electric. Furthermore, it was a bit creepy that both Avery and his mom both got laid on the same night.

Bits & Scalpels

– Great speech by Bailey as she told Teddy to stop blaming Owen.

– Lexie’s best scene of the season was her confessing to Derek how much she loves Mark. Beautifully acted.

– The Chief opening the door to Avery expecting his mom was priceless.

– Loved the final touch of Avery’s lucky pen snapping in half.

Must Download Tune
Birdy – Young Blood

A wonderful installment that effectively set the stage for the season’s final episodes.

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