Missing 1×05 – The Three Bears


I’ve resigned to the fact that Missing is bad television. Nonetheless unlike Ringer (which I keep bringing up because honestly it deserves all the criticism it can get), Missing is of the “so bad it’s good” variety. The show is fast-paced, visually beautiful, and undeniably entertaining. Sure you can’t really think too hard or analyze any of the episode’s proceedings but we did get one heck of a great fight scene and an admittedly enjoyable bank heist. Ashley Judd is still a reliable lead although the role is starting to grate on my nerves a bit, and Michael is remains as irritating ss ever. Seriously the less said about Oksana the better because the whole Michael choosing to go back to her plot was utterly cringe-inducing.

Nevertheless, I was entertained, and since this show won’t last past the season, I’m going to try and enjoy it as much as I can given its various shortcomings.

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