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The Vampire Diaries 3×20 – Do Not Go Gentle

"Sorry I killed you... twice."


Although this was a strong hour, I didn’t particularly love it. I think that’s mostly due to the fact that I wanted more of the aftermath of the Delena kiss. It’s weird really because I’m usually a much bigger fan of this show’s epic twists and crazy action than the relationship side but the Damon-Elena fireworks last week were so mind-blowing that I wanted a bit more of that to quench my thirst.

Moreover, this episode further cemented just how much I dislike Elena with Stefan who is truly such a boring and lifeless character. Here’s hoping the writers take a risk and end the season with Delena at the forefront.

And is Rebekah gone for good? Because I really won’t be happy with that development. I thought for sure Esther would have her body for at least the end of the season so this was quite a disappointment.

As for the episode’s most important development (the almost-death and forced vampirization of Alaric), I found myself strangely unaffected by the tearful goodbyes. Alaric never really interested me as a character so I would have been fine with him leaving. Nevertheless that final sinister shot with the blood pouring out of his mouth was outstanding so I look forward to seeing where they take us.

Finally, a special mention has to go out to Nina Dobrev. I’ve always found her to be one of the weakest links on the show in terms of acting ability but she had a stunning moment in this one as she  she tearfully wondered who would “take care” of her and Jeremy. It just felt like a very real moment in a world that is anything but.

All in all, not the usual brilliance, but a strong offering nonetheless.

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  1. I screen-capped the incredibly picturesque scene with the entire cast saying goodbye and used it as a wallpaper. Even if you hate Alaric, you gotta admit Be Still and that scene alone are winners.

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