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Desperate Housewives 8×20 – Lost My Power

"You're exhausted? I had to watch a 20 minute iPhone video of her cat taking a nap in the laundry basket just to sell her a coat. Now get out there, lose your top button, and look pretty."


Unacceptable. I can’t believe that this close to the series finale of Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry and his team of writers had the nerve to serve us such a disposable hour of useless filler. Practically nothing of importance happened in this one and the stuff that we were given, wasn’t even all that entertaining. Really with one more hour before the two-hour season finale is this how the show wants to be remembered?

First off, the Gabby storyline was a disaster. I don’t think I’ve ever said that in a long time so it’s a shame it happened so close to the end. Usually even when Eva Longoria is given filler material (which happens a lot) her witty one-liners and innate charisma more than make up for any of the story’s shortcomings. In this episode however it was just painful. Gabby & Carlos fighting over the same cash-cow? Really? Don’t they need all the money they can get to support their children? Especially with Carlos’ out of the blue lifestyle change. It just didn’t ring true and their bickering is tediously repetitive. Sure it was fun to see Doris Roberts on TV again but even she seemed bored and vacant.

As for Lynette, her storyline was also predictable and insipid. Really she’s still trying to break up Tom & Jane (and by dating his boss no less)? I was so impressed by the writers this year and how they were allowing Lynette to really make it on her own and explore single life. Part of me really doesn’t want Tom & Lynette back together since they are just so venomous as a couple but I guess the writers had a different more cliche plan in mind. Too bad.

I have a bone to pick with Bree’s storyline. Do the writers really think they have to end the show with Bree in a a relationship again? I actually think the strongest end to her character arc is to have her single and finally content since she’s flip-flopped the most between guys since the show’s inception. It’s just way too close to the end to introduce yet another love-interest. And while I appreciate her lawyer’s character as he at least seems to have an actual personality (although his name eludes me), it’s just too forced. Moreover, I positively hated the one group scene with the women as they discussed Bree’s “trial” as if they and especially Gabby had nothing to do with it. Good lord that was painful to watch and I can’t comprehend whether the writers are purposely trying to make the rest of the women detestable or it’s just lazy writing.

Susan fared the best out of all the women. Sure it’s still depressing that Mike is dead so close to the end, but it’s at least giving Teri Hatcher some genuine material to work with. While her car-building plot with MJ wasn’t terribly exciting, it was at least touching watching Susan try her best and then gathering Wisteria’s men to help MJ in the episode’s strongest scene.

The Grapevine

Gabrielle: (To Carlos) Okay okay save it for the pamphlet. All I’m saying is if I was an addict, rooms like this are why I shoot up in the first place.

Carlos: Gabby come on. This job is very important to me. I’m doing very meaningful work you should be proud of that.

Gabrielle: Well when we can pay our mortgage in meaningful, I will be.

Gabby: My husband’s an alcoholic so I can only drink at work.

Gabby: (Pulling a cape off a shopper) Gimme that, you look like Batman.

Gabby: Doris you won’t believe what just got out of the plane, the most beautifully embroidered Chinese silk. If you listen to it carefully you can hear little children asking “when’s dinner?”

Unfortunately, this was the single worst episode of the season. Here’s hoping the show doesn’t fizzle out because they deserve to go out on top after a strong year.

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