Scandal 1×04 – Enemy Of The State

"You're asking me what I want; I want them all to burn."


The strongest episode yet. Although I’d been enjoying Scandal so far, I wasn’t terribly sure this was a show that could keep me intrigued in the log run. However, after this week’s excellent episode, I’m inclined to disagree with that assessment.

Although some of the dialogue can be a bit clunky sometimes and I’m not very fond of several characters, I think the show’s overall tone and style have carved a considerably appealing niche. I really enjoyed watching Olivia navigate the Cuban dictator’s wife and her own conscious as well as the Amanda Tanner scandal. However I do wish she wouldn’t save the day so easily as evidenced by how efficiently she convinced the Dictator to set his wife free.

As for the characters, I pretty much love Abby and Stephen already. The former got some great backstory during her verbal lashing of Olivia and it was just very effective. However, I found myself detesting Harrison (who’s just a walking cliche with painful dialogue to boot) and useless Quinn who the audience really doesn’t need to relate to the show (contrary to what the writers might presume). As for Huck, he’s pretty useless.

Olivia, Cyrus, and The President on the other hand are just awesome. I’m loving their all out war and I can’t wait to see where it goes. The episode’s highlight was Cyrus’ amazingly brilliant monologue to the President about how his life will turn out if the scandal comes out. That scene alone deserves an Emmy for its masterful writing and acting.

Finally, The ending was fantastic with Olivia’s monologue juxtaposed with the President’s speech. And the cherry on top was of course the attack on Amanda Tanner.

This was the show’s first great episode and I look forward to many more. Truly impressive.

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  1. Very weird how Cyrus suddenly turned on Olivia like that. Will be interesting to watch how Olivia and her team go up against the White House. Also interesting is the fact that the White House are giving Olivia a taste of her own medicine; pulling up dirt on her and her people. If shes really that good then she should be able to counterattack her own plan of attack.

  2. So true. I was surprised by Cyrus. And I loved the White House playing dirty. Things are going to get intense from here on out, I'm glad you're on board! Keep your comments coming!

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