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The Vampire Diaries 3×21 – Before Sunset

"Just between us girls, who would you have picked?"


Pretty damn amazing. TVD never ceases to amaze me and this was just such a season-finale caliber episode. I can’t believe they finally got rid of Klaus.

I’ve been pretty vocal over how much I loathe the character so I really hope this is the last we’ll see of that irritating mess of a villain. If the writers want real menace, they should just bring back Katherine or Elijah.

Anyways this hour just had too many glorious moments to behold. Starting with the thrilling opening of Faux-Alaric fighting off Caroline and Rebekah and then viciously capturing the former, I knew this was going to one thrill ride of an episode. Speaking of Caroline, that pencil torture was beyond painful to watch. Nevertheless, I can’t blame the writers for putting Caroline through hell when they’re building up their villains because honestly nothing works as effectively.

In addition to all the Klaus-Alaric killings, kidnappings and drainings, I was surprised the writers managed to shove in the love triangle as we got a pretty revealing scene of Elena telling the brothers she won’t choose. I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about that scene but I commend the writers for going there and tackling the triangle head on. Elena suddenly fainting in the end was also a surprising development particularly since it followed a touching toast between our cost high-schoolers.

Would it be terribly wrong of me to say my absolute favorite scene of the hour was that epic sequence of Klaus kicking various objects (my favorite being a newspaper) into Elena’s house in his aim to knock off Damon, Stefan, and Bonnie’s heads off? Such a simple yet brutally efficient manner of attack. I seriously adored it.

All in all, this was a pretty amazing hour of TVD that has me suitably pumped for what I hope will be an utterly epic finale.

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  1. Watching Caroline go through that was actual physical pain. Bravo VD. And damn you. I definitely second what you said about making their villains count. The shot of him dragging caroline as rebekah watched and he's on fire, with the music stuff. That's typical VD right there.
    The episode moved at a pace that gave me whiplash. And as you said, they still managed to cram in character development.. which is great coz after last week's invitation of stefan and the one before's scene with damon, Elena was bordering on bitch territory. Glad VD is sticking to its promise of making its heroines more than just a pretty face.
    I'd like to take this opportunity to command people to please please get a CT scan after you hit your head and black out. That's what we call talking and dying. You wake up feeling a bit groggy and then you collapse a few hours later. Ok, i had to get that out.

    Nadim that scene with klaus throwing stuff was awesome indeed. Didn't it make you wish they just added a Damon line about how ridiculous this thing is when everything around him is falling apart. Just a touch of what Charmed did well.
    And i'm sorry but Elijah still kicks Klaus ass. Last year, he collapsed an entire wall but throwing a few coins at it. THAT was badass.

  2. Hahah CT scan indeed. And yes that coin collapse is what I immediately thought of. That blew my mind when I watched it I remember my jaw dropping at that moment!

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