Revenge 1×19 – Absolution

"When I choose to react, you'll know it."


This hour did an excellent job of pushing Emily’s path of vengeance forward through a number of interesting developments. First off, I was quite taken aback by the introduction of Nolan’s Aunt Carol. While it seemed to come out of nowhere, it gave Nolan some excellent backstory and much-needed depth. In fact, his lifelong quest to protect his aunt from the Graysons made me like the character so much more.  His relationship with Emily has really grown on me and I really hope it never transcends its current platonic status.

I’m also intrigued that Emily has now found herself with another adversary: the mysterious white-haired man who murdered her father. While it feels a bit late in the season for the writers to introduce yet another target, I’m curious to see if the man in question will be making an appearance before the season is over.

This was also a compelling episode for Daniel who found himself confused for the majority of the hour only to finally (and unknowingly) take a side against Emily. His TV interview was suitably well handled as we reached the climax and he decided to defend his father (and in a nice visual touch, subsequently take his place in his office). Oh Daniel how things are going to get interesting for you.

I think what I most loved about this hour was Victoria getting proactive in her fight against Conrad. I absolutely adored her asking for immunity and practically bringing Grayson Global to its knees. As far as I’m concerned, the show doesn’t really need Conrad because Victoria fills the archenemy quota perfectly and with likeability to match.

In other news, could Ashley & Conrad’s partnership be more perfect? I’ve found the former to be pretty useless all year long so it’s nice to see that the writers recognize her as dead weight and plan on integrating her more efficiently with the rest of the cast. The devious possibilities of this duplicitous partnership practically write themselves.

Vengeful Bits

– Gorgeous opening shot of Emily in the pouring snow.

– Nolan hiding the journal from Emily: not the brightest move.

– Awesome flashback of David Clarke’s murder.

– It reminded me of Supernatural with just how easily Emily went undercover as the Department of Homeland Security.

– As evil as Victoria was by having her son beaten to a pulp, I wanted to punch Conrad when he revealed the truth to Daniel.

– Nolan paying for Declan’s education was a very sweet move.

– I found myself surprisingly touched by Victoria & Charlotte in this episode.

– Emily’s more intent than ever after Daniel chooses his side. I can’t wait.

Devious Delights

Victoria: (To Ashley) The Hamptons are filthy with ambitious young girls like yourself.
Emily: If the people I’ve come to bring to justice can not be bound by the quest for absolution, then neither will I.

A compelling hour that capably moved things along and effectively set the stage for a killer finale.

Nad Rating


  1. Amazing show, even though i don't like drama mixed with super powers, but they are framing emily as a super women that nothing can stop her, but it suits her very well.I wasn't surprised that Daniel stood on his fathers side, it made me feel good because i didn't like his character since the beginning. I love the relation between Nolan and Emily, they way she treats him sometimes makes me thing that he might turn his back on her, the line that he shared with emily about saving his family revealed what an honest person he can be. And at the end I loved the ending scene between Emily,jack and Nolan at jack's bar, she was surrounded by the good people from her past it brings a certain “back to basics” feeling.

  2. Haloush I love reading your comments. You're becoming so insightful little one!

    – You're right she's such a superwoman but that's what makes her such an amazing lead for the show. I freakin' love her!

    – Daniel is extremely annoying when he stands by his father but yes it's strangely fitting!

    – I didn't used to like Nolan and Emily's relationship but now I think their weird dynamic is one of the strongest parts of the show!

    – I can't wait till you see the next few episodes! You're gonna really enjoy them! Keep on commenting please!

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