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The Vampire Diaries 3×22 – The Departed

"Mini-fridge, couple of birdcages, box of old Playboys... one beef-jerkified Original."


Woah! Talk about a total game-changer. This episode’s final moments truly epitomized the kind of risks TVD is always willing to take and which cement it as one of the most consistently thrilling shows on television.

We’ll get to Elena in a moment but all in all, this was a pretty spectacular finale. The episode’s most powerful sequence was undoubtedly the juxtaposition of the show’s original car crash (Elena & her parents) with Elena & Matt’s accident. It was superbly edited with a perfect and haunting song choice to boot. I loved the various character inter-cutting together as we saw Stefan save Elena the first time as her father’s request, and then save Matt at Elena’s request. The entire scene was drenched with emotion and just beautifully done.

But of course, we must discuss the episode’s biggest development: Elena is now a vampire. That’s pretty damn mind-blowing. I won’t lie, I’ve actually been wanting this to happen ever since Elena had that touching scene on the mountain last year where she said she doesn’t ever want to become a vampire. Honestly Nina Dobrev is much better playing the strong kickass character (as evident by her performances as Katherine) than a whiny love-struck teenage. So really this is a fantastic choice in my opinion and will undoubtedly elevate the show to a whole other level. The fact that she will also now remember that she met Damon first practically pushes the reset button on the the love triangle making it considerably more awesome in the process. I have a feeling season four will be the show’s strongest offering yet.

Bits & Bites

– Pretty cool opening dream with Aunt Jenna & Elena’s mom. And I’d forgotten how hot Nina look in her cheerleader.

– Elijah’s back! It’s been a while.

– Fantastic Stefan-Elena kiss. First time I felt his passion in a long time.

– Unfortunately Tyler is starting to rub off on Caroline as she’s starting to annoy me too.

– I really enjoyed Elena telling Matt what the brothers mean to her.

– Matt drugging Elena. Talk about balls.

– Chilling scene as Alaric kills Klaus and rushes after Rebekah.

– I adored Damon and Elena’s first meeting. Outstanding.

– Heartbreaking scene as Elena tells Damon she chooses Stefan.

– Well at least we’re done with the actor that plays Klaus. Too bad we’re stuck with Tyler now who is almost as bad.

– Can Bonnie please become our big bad for season four?

– Alaric dying in Damon’s hands and then saying goodbye to Jeremy was pretty darn sad.

– Could the final shot of Elena waking up been more perfect?

– Something however was “off” about this hour that stops it as a whole from being perfect. I can’t quite put my finger on it…

Vampy Zingers

Elijah: Do we have a deal?
Damon: No no no no. Did I mention no?

Damon: (To Stefan) Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you not being the dumbest brother on Earth?”

Stefan: What would you have done Damon?
Damon: Grabbed her, gagged her, thrown her in a well.

Must Download Tune
Sigor Ros – Daudaogn

A marvelous finale with one heck of a killer cliffhanger.

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  1. A moment of silence for yet another fantastic VD season, capped by a worthy finale.
    Sigur Ros could not possibly hope for a better vehicule to debut his song in. Those last few minutes were perfection. I'm on board with everything you said, especially the reset button that was hit. Now that Elena is a vamp, she's gonna remember meeting Damon first. She's also gonna be “consumed” even more by her love for him as she'll feel everything heightened. The writers gave us this heroine who actually made up her mind and thus redeemed her. Then they went ahead and turned her world upside down in the same way the first accident did.
    The episode had the season finale vibe i crave. Familiar faces returning, high stakes, sacrifice, twists at every turn, out of character decisions and most of all, a kickass ending. Everyone realizing Elena is dead in a different way is a brilliant plot device, and it worked on all levels. Notably Alaric just saying “Jeremy” and you can tell it's ric, not alaric the vampire slayer talking.
    About what you said about Caroline and Tyler, yeah that was annoying. The show does go into teen-wish-fulfilment land at least once in every episode and caroline sold us on her decision to leave everything behind for Tyler… but the fact that it came so early was predictable… because u just knew it was never gonna happen… and VD is not in the habit of utilizing predictable twists…
    Rebekah's cries over Klaus and her scene with Elijah broke my heart. I want them around much longer.
    Unfortunately Klaus is still around, though he's lost his doppelganger. Nadim, the actor is coming back as well. And i can't imagine anyone talking to Rebekah anytime soon after what she did… Not Klaus who lost his blood bank, or love-interest MAtt who almost died, or anyone else who loves Elena. Certainly not Elijah who had given his word to the brothers… It'll be interesting to see this girl's reaction, especially given how little she tolerates being alone.
    I so applaud your cry to make Bonnie the big bad. She can be morally ambiguous now and finally, finally, have an actual personality.
    Awesome, awesome review to an awesome episode. Now we're stuck with the long wait.

  2. Seriously – game changer! That's what this episode is all about! There are so many things I need to say in no coherent order so it's going to be bullet points and it's going to be ugly:

    – It was so predictable that Elena chose Stefan, and so very sad! Especially in light of the discovery that she met Damon first. Will she remember that now that she's a vampire?

    – How much drama do we anticipate of Elena refusing to feed to become a vampire and then Damon forcing her?

    – I think Stefan saving Matt instead of Elena is again testament to how different the two brothers really are, and how sometimes being given the “free will” choice, Elena makes awful decisions.

    – Rebecca is going to have a smashing season 4. Oh, Klaus is gonna be pissed. Although to justify it, she had no way of knowing he was already dead.

    – I'm wondering when Klaus told Bonnie to make the switch to Tyler's body? He was dead long before they had time to chat.

    – I'm disappointed Katherine hasn't made a return!

    – I foresee problems in the fact that we don't know which vampire's blood turned Elena. Which Original does she descend from?

    – Tyler really needs to be slapped. I'm kind of bored of the Klaus storyline. We need something new! Esther was so much more fun, ethical dilemma and the whatnot.

    – Bring it on Evil Bonnie!

    – There's something kind of sick about Klaus wanting Caroline and then him taking over Tyler's body. I still haven't completely wrapped my head around it, but it makes me uneasy.

    – Season 4 is going to be legendary!

  3. Every time I remember Elena is a vampire now, it just gets me so beyond excited as the possibilities are endless. Vamp-Elena meeting Katherine for the first time? Caroline teaching Vamp-Elena how to be a vampire? her relationship with practically everyone on the show… legendary is the word!

    I also felt uneasy about the body switch. Basically Klaus will be raping Caroline under the guise of Tyler. Creeps.

    Oh and it's part of the show mythology that when someone turns into a Vamp they remember everything they were compelled to forget so Elena will remember quite quickly!

  4. I loved the finale! Throughout the episode, I thought for sure they're going to kill off Elena tragically leaving an eternal “stake” in Damon's heart, and later respark their competitive passion upon Katherine's return. My prediction now would be for Stephan to give Elena the choice of whether to turn into a vampire or die, as is his tradition. Obviously as per Damon's tradition, he'll end up jamming blood down her throat against her will. This will create a circle of love-hate whereby Damon blames Stephan for his eternal suffering, but is now to blame for Elena's, and for the same crime of loving someone too much.
    Season 4 is going to be interesting because now Damon has the invincible stake, and so he and Stephan will be going up against all the originals, but this time with less of a disadvantage.
    I must say I'm a fan of tyler myself, and once the 'klaus in tylor's body' thing clears up, I can see him morphing into a wolf at lightening speeds like the warewolves in underworld in season 4; huge potential there!

  5. Thanks for commenting Bahij! You're right season four is going to be more epic than ever and I can't wait to see where they take things next. Looking forward to discussing season 4 on a weekly basis! Soon soon soon! I miss Mystic Falls waaaay too much!

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