GCB 1×09 – Adam & Eve’s Rib

"Oh just because you start spewing some biblical humus all of a sudden you’re Martha Stewart?”


While this hour wasn’t the strongest, I loved how it brought our core women together as they each found themselves part of the team due to their personal circumstances. I was however disappointed that Cricket didn’t join as you’d think she’d be the first one to considering her need to be a dominant woman. I guess the writers didn’t want to tie all of them into the plot with a neat bow but it would have been cool nonetheless.

I will say the ending was quite weird with Ripp telling Carlene that God spoke to him as we realize he’s up to something with Luke in Juarez. However, I’ll give the storyline a chance.

Prayers & Pieces

– Hilarious Carlene video for “Condos For Christian Living’.

– Cricket gunning down the tree with her shotgun; too badass.

– Carlene coming in through the dog door: priceless.

– Nice insight into Amanda’s psyche about making it on her own culminating with Carlene coming out of her hiding spot and joining in the hug.

– The evil priest is kind of amusing.

– Epic moment as Sharon smacks the lowlife with the basket.

All in all, a diverting and amusing enough hour.

Nad Rating

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