Revenge 1×20 – Legacy

"Destruction is in my DNA. Take it up with Darwin."


Few shows can pull off offbeat episodes such as this one but Legacy was a stunning success. It did a superb job of bringing together a variety of plots threads and intriguing details that emerged throughout the year into a fascinating and cohesive whole.

I was most impressed by the fact that the writers dedicated an entire episode to flashbacks without warning. I hadn’t realized how much we needed an hour such as this one to put things into perspective and ensure our alignment with Emily’s path. All signs certainly lead to a near cataclysmic clash of power in the finale and we’re now firmly on Miss Thorne’s vengeful trajectory.

Beginning with our heroine’s suitably dark club days following her juvie-release, it was interesting to see Amanda’s first return visit to the Hamptons as well as the reappearance of a number of faces from the beginning of the year. There’s a certainly satisfying touch watching all the people Emily burned over the year gathered in a dinner party from hell. The hour was filled with little nuggets of plot points that certified just how much the Revenge writing staff care about continuity which makes this viewer supremely happy. I think what I enjoyed most besides seeing Amanda’s previous victims was Lydia’s appearance. I never expected her to be the one who planted the first move on Conrad so I’m glad she got what was coming to her.

Moreover, I absolutely adored Victoria in this one. It was an eye-opening delight to see her first meeting with David Clarke and just what exactly brought these two souls together. The chemistry was evident from the start and I look forward to seeing more endearing moments between them as they’re undeniably my favorite couple on the show.

Finally, I’m intrigued that we jumped back to the present for the episode’s final scene and ten years later no less. Wonderful ending.

Vengeful Bits

– Jack’s flashback hair: HA!

– Oh Frank, I don’t really think I missed you. Still as creepy as ever.

– I pretty much love anytime young Amanda is on screen having a moment with her father. They’re an awesome duo.

– Madeleine Stowe looked absolutely gorgeous in that “Dolce”.

– Jack’s bartender girlfriend was probably the weakest part of this hour. She seemed much too forced.

– Sinfully awesome shot of Lydia adjusting herself in the mirror as Conrad gives his speech.

– Amanda’s breakdown at the end following the discovery of the body was great.

– Loved Victoria grabbing Mason by the head. Wish she snapped it off.

Brimming with an excellent eye for continuity, this was a marvelous hour of Revenge.

Nad Rating


  1. Funny we had such different views of this episode. I thought it was sorely misplaced as we approach the end of the season. I was expecting an episode with a bang, and instead came across this long overdue explanation of why Amanda is doing what she is doing. It felt more like the writers' efforts to explain the tidbits they've been throwing at us all season when we really hadn't felt it was that mysterious (ergo David Clarke's photo taken on the day of his death, Amanda ending up as a waitress on that NYE Grayson party, Lydia/Conrad, dead guy, how the Porters lost their house). I could have lived without all these details quite comfortably. What I really want to see is what happens next. What happened to crazy Japanese dude who shot Tyler? What happened to fake Amanda? What's happening with Conrad's trial? Basically, I'm disappointed in this episode and wouldn't give it more than a C+ (for old times' sake). The highlight was definitely David Clarke meets Victoria!

  2. Rather than a much needed backtrack to flesh out the intricacies and subtleties of Amanda's past and her cause, this episode felt like an attempt on the part of the writers to buy themselves a little more time while they wrapped up the grand finale.
    In essence, it felt to me like a distractionary tactic, a decoy of an episode to occupy us while the writers finish their homework.
    The previous episode left me hungry for more! The epic highs! The suspense! I was ready for the next course, the sugar rush of series-dessert! Bring it on!…Instead,this episode was the slightly too long break between dinner courses that gives you time to think “you know what? I am kinda feeling full after all..”

    Don't get me wrong though, I'll definitely be back for more.

    Highs were being teased by the introduction of Roger Halstead, who was taken away before we could learn anything from him (damn you, writers!), and who served as a great tool to let us viewers know that we still don't have it all figured out yet, and this plot still has some twists and turns in store. Victoria looked gorgeous but hey, what's new. All in all though, I'd rate this episode a C for putting a slight damper on what's been a thrilling season so far.

  3. I'm fascinated by how you both weren't impressed by this episode; I still think it was outstanding! I guess that's the beauty of television.
    While I admit this episode can easily be labeled as a stalling measure (and it seems many viewers across the web agree with you two), I seriously couldn't stop grinning throughout the entire hour. I just found it so compelling on every level and was mightily impressed by the writers' attention to detail. Too many shows these days propel forward with little regard to moments that mattered in the past so I was supremely pleased with this one.
    I seriously can't wait to see how they intend to wrap up this fantastic season. And now that the show has been officially renewed (not that I'm surprised), here's hoping they flip the show on it's head and set the stage for an equally epic sophomore season.

  4. This episode is one of the strongest of the season and we needed this episode to further explain to us why Amanda is doing this and why we back her so much.

    Loved this episode.

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