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GCB 1×10 – Revelation (Series Finale)


I’m quite disappointed that GCB has been cancelled. While the show obviously wasn’t must-see television, it was nonetheless an amusing enough production with a colorful cast and witty dialogue to boot. It’s also unfortunate that the finale ended on a cliffhanger that we’ll never see resolved. After all, the potential coupling of Amanda and Pastor Tudor is just awesome and I really would have liked to see more of them together.

Moreover, the ladies had really started to come together as a group over the last couple of episodes rendering the show an amusing (albeit weaker) replacement to Desperate Housewives. While Carlene was always hilarious, Sharon slowly grew into her own and cemented herself as one of my favorite members of the cast.

Nevertheless, at least we got this episode which was an enjoyable hour that brought the entire gang together in Unincorporated Juarez no less. It was hysterical to have the women kidnapped as their various personalities clashed together and Amanda’s alcoholism made a welcome appearance. Furthermore, I think I fell in love with Gigi as she finally put her gun skills to good use and saved the gang.

Ultimately, GCB was an interesting experiment of a show. Although it wasn’t always successful, I thought it was an endearing and amusing 10 episode ride that was quite memorable in its own right. It carved its own little niche and created a world that was charming in its cartoon-like qualities. Here’s hoping we’ll be seeing its talented cast in more projects in the future.

Now, where am I going to get my dose of hilariously witty Christian one-liners next?

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