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Desperate Housewives 8×22 – Give Me The Blame

"Oh but the upstairs is way better, it's that much closer to heaven."


Although Desperate Housewives had a two-hour event for its series finale, I chose to stop after the first hour and review it separately. After all, it’s an episode with a beginning, middle, and end that doesn’t really leave much open. I’m wondering where the show is going to go with its actual finale episode and I hope it’s not a disappointment.

After a fantastic season yet two very weak hours, this episode was a very welcome return to form. More than that, it was a touching and poignant tribute to a character who has been with us since the beginning: Mrs. McCluskey. It had been a long time coming as she had always been such a wonderfully endearing and consistently witty character through the show’s run. The fact that she stepped up at the end and took the blame off the girls was utterly magnificent and just a perfect resolution to the Alejandro plot. I’d been wondering all year long how the ladies were going to get out of this predicament and I’m pleased to say the writers managed to surprise me and satisfy me as a viewer. Amazing.

This episode was also pretty great for Gabby. I really wanted Marc and the writers to give her arc a proper resolution, and her almost-sacrifice for Carlos was brilliant. She’d just been so selfish for so long that I loved her planning to take the blame for the man she loved.

As for Bree, I’m still not too happy that she has another love interest but it didn’t really take away from the episode. The same goes for Susan; I don’t really care that she’s moving although I’m sure that will change in the series finale.

Finally Lynette got a wonderfully epic reunion with Tom in the middle of Wisteria Lane although I still wonder how the hell these two will ever be able to live together in peace. I guess they’re just destined for a lifetime of bickering because their problems are undoubtedly still unresolved.

Wisteria Snippets

– Wonderfully touching teaser dedicated to Mrs. McCluskey as the ladies offer to take care of her.

– Cool shot of Bree making her way through the paparazzi and slow-mo walking into court.

– Felicity Huffman broke my heart when Tom said he was finalizing the divorce.

– Who would have thought Renee would go up again the women? Unexpectedly welcome twist.

– Gabby on the witness stand was outstanding and I would have liked to see more before Bree faked her fall.

– Hilarious Gabby cutting in line in front of the old guy with the whole “you snooze, you lose” bit.

– Gabby getting Carlos arrested was a bit much. They could have stayed away from the comedy here as the plot was working fine without it.

– Mrs. McCluskey screaming out that she killed the “son of a bitch” was spine-chillingly superb.

– Roy’s amazing speech to Tom about talking to the ones you love – a bit too convenient, but still well done.

The Grapevine

Mrs. McCluskey. This is sweet but you gals have troubles of your own. Bree’s got her trial, Lynette’s marriage is falling apart, Gabby those kids of yours are turning into serial killers before our very eyes.

Lee: I had my ass lifted.
Susan: Of course how could I not notice? That is one… perky fanny!

Susan (after smacking Lee’s ass): Wow, it kind of smacked me back.

Susan: Hey how’s it going?
Gabrielle: Great. It’s my turn to take care of Mrs.McCluskey so obviously I’ve been drinking.

A very strong penultimate episode that restored my faith that the show just might go out on top after all.

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  1. I thought Lee with his butt lift was hilarious. I love him in Desperate Housewives, even though he didn’t have a huge role in it. I thought the finale was really good. I unfortunately wasn’t able to watch it live because I wasn’t home, but with the new Auto Hop feature on my receiver, I was able to watch it like it was a movie. When I got home, on Monday from working at Dish I went to my PrimeTime Anytime recordings and was able to enable the Auto Hop feature and it just skipped right over all the commercials. I didn’t have to lift a finger, which was awesome. Susan leaving the block was the best ending. I forgot about some of the people that died throughout the seasons.

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