Season Finale Survivor

Survivor 24×14 – Perception Is Not Always Reality


Whenever a season of Survivor comes to an end, I feel a hint of sadness that the journey is over. The beauty of this show is that as a viewer, you truly start to feel like a part of the fantastic and magnificent journey the castaways take. This season was no exception. It was a gripping, thrilling, and rousing season that ended in the most satisfying way possible: with the victory of Kimberly Spradlin.

 I’ve watched Survivor for over a decade, and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a player to win this badly. So imagine how gratifying it was to see Kim win the million dollar prize at the end. Not only did she completely dominate the game in outstanding fashion, she did it all with a rare likeability and stunning looks to match. I had my doubts at the end that perhaps sneaky Sabrina could pull off the upset but I was glad that was not meant to be. This season really was filled with a range of amusing characters from despicable Colton, to delusional Alicia, and whack-jobs like Kat & Tarzan. (Not to mention pure idiots like Christina). I know many people thought this was a weak season, but I actually found it to be one of the best ever. It had no shortage of suspenseful challenges, crazy dramas, and awesome blindsides.

And finally, here’s hoping they bring back Kim for the next All-Stars season because nothing would make me happier than seeing her kick ass yet again.

All in all, a spectacularly memorable season.

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