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Grey’s Anatomy 8×23 – Migration

"Nice work evil spawn."


Woah what an ending. Actually I saw the plane crash coming. After all, it wouldn’t be a Greys finale without a suitable tragedy to tug at our heartstrings and break our spirits. Nevertheless, I won’t deny the cliffhanger’s effectiveness; I absolutely loved the slow fade-out as Owen erased Christina’s name only to transition into a series of quick cuts of the crash aftermath. Pretty damn awesome. Here’s hoping the finale tries to match the epic power of season six’s shooting finale (two hours that I consider some of the strongest television ever made).

As for the rest of the hour, it’s quite a depressing thought that basically our entire cast is leaving. Shonda obviously took us there because half the lead stars hadn’t signed contracts yet so this crash will obviously change most of their minds. I’m intrigued though, and hope that their collective change of hearts will go about organically.

Special mention has to go to Arizona who had her best storyline in ages. I was suitably touched throughout the hour and her plea to Callie was so powerful that I hope Shonda doesn’t plan on murdering the latter via the crash.

Bits & Scalpels

– Hilarious post-board party as April goes absolutely nuts to “I’m Sexy & I Know It”.

– Yang giving Alex a congratulatory hug: pretty funny.

– The worm almost made me barf.

– I enjoyed the Chief giving Alex tips on getting a better package.

– Christina imitating April as she answered the phone (twice) was probably the single funniest thing the show has done all year. Pure perfection.

– The anesthesia guy proposing to Bailey via crossword puzzle was so very Greys (and not in a good way). He’s so forgettable I don’t even remember his name.

– April broke my heart when Owen told her Seattle Grace was rejecting her.

– Christina telling Meredith that Owen is her “person” was a really great wake-up call.

– Arizona’s amazing “don’t ever leave” breakdown rang so true. Outstanding.

– The show really needs to stop portraying Bailey as a sexy seductress. I’m sorry but as evil as it sound, I just…don’t…buy it.

Must-Download Tunes
Zola Jesus – Lightsick
Feist – Graveyard

A pretty good penultimate hour that sets us up for one heck of a tragic finale.

Nad Rating

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  1. I could watch an entire episode of yang doing impressions of april. She was a winner in every scene she was in. Be it funny or sad, she knocked it outta the park. Get this girl another emmy! Her scenes with Owen were so well-done. Her having sex with him then announcing she's leaving is a very realistic way for someone in her shoes to deal with this.
    Scenes of the residents together are my favorite thing about grey's.
    Your speculations are spot-on… it'll most likely be Arizona that bites the dust. I'm very upset about that. Kill off richard or adele or callie or april!

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