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Grey’s Anatomy 8×24 – Flight

"I've got PTSD so you know, I'm not reliable!"


Horrifying. Absolutely horrifying. But in a good way… I think. Grey’s Anatomy’s season eight finale was one of the most powerful hours of television I’ve ever seen. And that’s quite an accomplishment seeing as how I thought the season six shooting was probably the show’s peak in terms of tragedy. This episode was just terrifying on every level, cementing Greys as gripping television unlike any other.

First off, I can not believe Shonda killed off Lexie! The fans seem to be in uproar all over the web and while I understand that, I have to give Shonda props for constantly taking risks. I always though Lexie would make it to the end and Shonda could have mined her and Mark for years to come. Still it’s sad because Chyelr Leigh is such a charismatic presence and a really integral part of the cast. I wish Shonda had killed off Alex though, it would have been as  shocking and I really wouldn’t miss him (unlike Lexie whom I undoubtedly will).

The crash aftermath itself was just so very unsettling and disturbing. Starting with Meredith staring above into the trees (in a moment that really reminded me of Lost) I was hooked and dripping with tension for the rest of the hour. We’ve just grown to love these characters so much over the years that seeing them suffer like this was just nerve-wracking and heartbreaking to watch. Arizona in particular was quite sad although I’m glad to say that it looks like she’s going to survive as I was sure she’d be one of the finale’s deaths. Moreover, Mark Sloane also had some excellent moments as Eric Dane was the most phenomenal that he’s ever been since joining the show. His scene with Lexie was absolutely golden and immensely poignant.

In other news, Bailey’s getting married (who cares), April’s still alive (sadly), and Teddy left (and Shonda confirmed Kim Raver won’t be coming back). I actually find her departure sadder than Lexie’s death because Kim is an exceptional talent, and Teddy is one of my favorites characters on the show. I really hope she comes back at some point because she’s become a big part of the show for me.

Bits & Scalpels

– Awesome opening with the crash juxtaposed with our cast’s first day at Seattle Grace.

– Derek getting himself out of the wreckage was hard to watch.

– Arizona’s blood-curdling screams almost made me scream.

– Loved the little bit with Christina’s shoe. Provided the episode with a welcome dose of humor.

– Teddy’s speech to Owen in the OR was a bit much.

– I couldn’t look as Meredith & Christina were pinning Derek’s wound.

– Amazing moment with Christina screaming at Mark only to have him pass out.

– The editing as Christina and Teddy did the same procedure in very different circumstances was brilliant.

– Callie making fun of April: priceless. This is the second episode in a row someone imitates that annoying brat.

– Adored Christina referencing the numerous disasters they’d been through. Made things very realistic.

– The flare gun not working broke my heart.

– Owen firing Teddy was an admittedly cool scene. I’m just really sorry we’re losing her.

– The ending with the matches was painfully depressing, and pretty genius.

All in all, this was a harrowing and difficult hour to watch. Nonetheless, it was emotional, gripping, and just outstanding television on every level. Shonda sure knows how to construct finales and this one was no exception. While her decisions were controversial, she undoubtedly proved that Grey’s Anatomy undoubtedly still has a lot of life left and deserves its upcoming ninth season. Tremendously impressive.

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  1. Join me for a game of SERIOUSLY SHONDA?
    -Seriously Shonda? you kill off your most beautiful, most-charismatic character and keep the likes of Alex around?
    -Seriously Shonda? you kill off the only other character with the name grey BEFORE getting confirmation that Ellen Pompeo is staying? What were u gonna do if it didn't work out? Call it Woopsie's anatomy?
    -Seriously Shonda? you squandered her for the past 2 seasons with C-storylines and for comedic purposes and then you kill her off just as things start to get a little meaty?
    -Seriously Shonda? You fire a fantastic actress like Kim Raver but choose to keep whatshisfacebailey'sfiance (who cares indeed) around?

    Let's make a little deal shall we? You are getting Chyler Leigh back. I don't care if she's a frigging tumour-ghost or a cafeteria worker who just happens to look like Lexie or hell even a creepy observer in the background (a la fringe). You get her back. Were you dropped as a kid?

    Ok. Sorry that needed to be out.
    This was great television. I have nothing to add to the Lost scenes, you said it all. About that teddy-owen OR scene, it was over the top because people were listening in. I think a conversation like this should be had in private, but the dialogue was incredible nonetheless. These 2 sold me on their friendship more than meredith and christina especially when he fired her. They should be the show's endgame friendship. The final scene with owen in it would show him with christina, then crossing the house to teddy's poolhouse and braiding friendship bracelets with her.

    Elsewhere, Webber was his annoying self righteous self. Alex was a brat. April was April in a dress. Jackson should try to locate his balls sometime in the near future. Bailey and her bla were bla but were cute in their last embrace shot, though bla. Did i mention they killed my lexie?

  2. Hahhaah I agree. She could have easily killed off Alex, April & Jackson and I wouldn't have cared less. What I was loving about Greys this year is that all dead weight was practically gone (Izzie, George etc…). I still need the above three murdered and maimed. Lexie and Teddy still had a lot of potential storylines. Moreover, how the hell will McSteamy eventually end the show? Lexie was obviously his endgame love. Hmm…..

    And by the way, I thought the Teddy-Owen scene was brilliantly written but the fact that it was in the freakin' OR and not in a private room just made it over the top and stupid. Really Teddy on the operating table in front of the whole staff? Stupid.

  3. Pls tell me how were u able to watch more than 3 seasons of Grey's Anatomy!??! how??
    It reminds me of Teletubbies when they replay the same scenes over and over again hehe :p
    Grey's Anatomy ahla min Teletubbies for sure but still :p:p:p

  4. Grrr. Actually it has gotten better and better. This last season was my favorite yet because they got rid of most of the people I hate. You should watch it you brat!

  5. I don't mean to burst ur bubble but I enjoy criticizing this show 😀
    Is the main character -the sad one- still so self-centered and depressed coz she's not sure who to love more; McSteamy or McDonald's? and also because she's the only child in the universe with divorced parents? haha 😀

  6. Hahah Mcdonalds! I just laughed out loud in the office! Ranoush you should have your own comedy show!
    And no she's married to McDreamy with a kid now!

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