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Once Upon A Time 1×22 – A Land Without Magic

"Luckily for us, you're not normal."


Fantastic. I had really written off Once Upon A Time but after watching the season’s final three episodes I couldn’t more pleased. The stage is firmly set for an exciting second season that will undoubtedly be quite different than anything the show gave us this year.

There was a lot to love about this one. First off, Emma was extremely proactive which is always a plus. She had a brilliant moment as she held Henry’s book and got a series of flashes from fairytale land followed by her attacking Regina in the closet. Although I was hoping for more of a face-off between the two, I was still satisfied by just how badass Emma was in this one. Her wielding the sword was also awesome as I loved the dual dragon battles with Charming implanting the egg and Emma subsequently retrieving it. Speaking of action, we also got a beautifully choreographed fight scene between Charming and Rumpelstiltskin. This is the dark, exciting show I wanted all along so these various set pieces were particularly gratifying.

The finale’s last ten minutes were also particularly gripping. Emma saving Henry was stunningly done, as we’re so used to having “true love’s kiss” being more of a romantic gesture than a familial one. What followed was even cooler as the curse was finally broken and we got Charming & Snow finally finding each other. Of course this reunion was short-lived as Rumpelstiltskin returned magic to the land in superb fashion (loved the purple cloud) and the pieces are now in place for an epic second season.

Ultimately, the show is finally firing on all cylinders and I have a feeling season two will continue to unlock Once Upon A Time‘s amazing potential. I’m immensely excited. All in all, a brilliant finale.

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  1. Yup, show's back on track. Filler episodes these are not. I really think OUAT could be one of those shows that would benefit from a shortened season. Amazing closing score btw. It really delivered!

  2. Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed them! I was afraid they wouldn't be the most entertaining read as I practically forced myself to write them (although I enjoyed watching the episodes).

  3. Totally agree about the shortened season as well. Or at least make the entire second season more arc driven (a la TVD) if it's going to be 22 episodes long. I really hate stand-alones with a passion. Yes they can be great if they're well made but with so many shows on my plate throughout the year, it takes A LOT of effort and investment to get me to sit down and watch a OAUT episode.

  4. Yeah I understand… but things will be different now that the episodes won't be so character centric and will revolve on next season's new evil (ie rumpel)

    Anyway, now that he has belle AND he brought magic back – do you think he can't kiss her for fear of losing his powers? Also – this gives regina her powers back.

    NOTE: now that time is going again, the character are gonna age for realz right?

    It would be a cool premise if they had magic in Storybrook – as opposed to being returned to the real world.

    FYI – I have always loved the actress playing Emma – She was always my favorite on house in its golden seasons. I finally feel that she's getting what she deserves (plus she's really pretty – Mario agrees).

  5. Regina having her power in Storybrook is going to be undoubtedly awesome. Now can someone explain the time thing for me please and that stupid clock? I think I didn't pay attention at those moments. (It was hard staying invested in this show). So one of you gimme a quick rundown of the things I need to know about that freakin' clock and the various times it moves and stopped etc…

    I really like Jennifer Morrison too. I was really happy she got her own show because she makes a great lead. However she wasn't given much to do this year until that awesome breakdown concerning her destiny and of course everything following that. She spent most of the year running around in that red leather jacket (does she ever wash it?) staring down Regina and being a lousy Sherriff.

  6. The clock started moving when Emma moved in, and from what i gather, it STOPPED when Rumps brought magic to the town. Everyone is calling it “another curse”. I don't know, it's all part of the cliffhanger i guess.
    Wedge does bring up very good points, but they have yet to secure Emilie de Ravin for the next season, so i don't think they're gonna be together.
    Can we just all agree that Jennifer Morrison is by far better than Olivia Wilde who everyone drools over? She was the best House had but i prefer her as a brunette. She's just a typical blondie now, and blondies are boring…as nadim will testify. Also, she's an ugly cryer and that's basically the only thing she did all year like blondy said.

  7. Great reviews, Nadim. I'm with you on the Charming and Regina thing, it could have been interesting, since he's just a void of personality most of the time. But, I do love seeing him and Snow together.

    I have to disagree with what Mario said, though. Once is very character driven, so episodes dedicated to fleshing them out are kind of a necessity for me, and I loved ones like Dreamy, so I think a shortened season would be a bit of a bummer!

  8. I know OUAT emulates the Lost formula, and that was character driven drama at its best… But i dunno, something feels missing in OUAT. They're not doing it right! I can't quite put my finger on it.

  9. Exactly. Something is missing and I can't quite figure it out. It still feels unnatural to me. As if they were applying the Lost flashback template to a fairytale show. It should be awesome, but it wasn't.
    *This is all referring to the stuff before the final three eps where the arc kicked in and I just enjoyed the show a whole lot more!

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