Smash 1×15 – Bombshell


Smash’s finale was undoubtedly the show’s strongest episode yet. It did an excellent job of fixing some of the show’s problems, tying the season’s developments together, and creating some sufficient intrigue for next season.

I was most compelled by Karen finally getting the Bombshell role in addition to discovering Ivy’s tryst with Dev. Hopefully this storyline will push Karen away from the goody-two shoes role that she’d been pigeonholed in. I also quite liked the little touches of romance between her and Derek. believe it or not, I think they’d make one heck of an awesome couple. Her final performance was simply epic providing us with a pretty iconic final shot to keep us hooked for next year.

Moreover, with Ellis fired and the men in Julia’s life not coming back next year (in addition to Dev), I have the utmost faith that Smash can finally tap into the potential it has. This season simply got too bogged down with useless, annoying characters and filler subplots. Here’s hoping for a stunning second season.

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