Scandal Season Finale

Scandal 1×07 – Grant: For The People

"If they look like weapons, they're hard to keep secret."


After the previous masterpiece, I was sure this hour would be a letdown. I’m pleasantly surprised to say it was almost as brilliant and fantastic. Scandal has completely reeled me in as a viewer and I can’t wait to see where this masterful show will go next when it returns.

While this episode wasn’t as layered and complex as the previous which dissected its core relationship beautifully, we got one heck of an engrossing storyline as Billy Chambers revealed the Amanda Tanner scandal on live television. It was quite the shocking development as Olivia and Cyrus worked hand in hand to save the Presidency. The eventual cover-up that was realized through a mind-blowing scene with the First Lady (who revealed her twisted mindset) was just brilliant, and further cemented just how genius this show is.

Moreover, I adored Olivia’s team standing by Quinn and cleaning up the murder. Quinn hasn’t been the most interesting of characters but the ending with her almost-reveal will undoubtedly change that and I can’t wait to see that twist Shonda has in store for us.

And finally, not that this superb episode needed it, but we got the added twist of Cyrus being the one responsible for Amanda’s murder. Talk about jaw-dropping reveals.

Season two really can’t come soon enough. I am astounded.

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  1. Completely agree with you, on everything.
    Episode 6 was probably the highlight of this season. The chemistry between the leads is what saved this series. That, the twists, and Cyrus' monologues. The other characters are weighing it down. Keep Huck and Abby, get rid of the others and get quirkier people.

  2. I don't really like Huck by the way. I get the whole tortured-soul thing they're going for but I've seen it done better on other shows with more charismatic actors. Hopefully he'll grow on me next year. Abby is definitely my favorite; I feel like I've been watching her for years!

    God episode 6 was a masterpiece.

  3. That's true about other shows handling the broken characters better. And i agree there are a million actors who could have played it better. The eyes thing he tries to pull just makes me want to squirt stuff in his eyes to really make them tear up. Damian Lewis, Tahmoh Penniket are some of the names i would've dream-cast.

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