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True Blood 5×03 – Whatever I Am, You Made Me

"The human Bible: it's a little better than US Weekly."


I’m so pleased that True Blood is back on track this year. Honestly this season has the potential to be one of the strongest yet: Sookie has been relegated to the background (and rightfully so), Pam is taking center stage, Bill & Eric are actually doing something besides moping over our lead, and The Authority arc is all kinds of awesome.

First off, major props to Christopher Meloni and Valentina Cervi who have carved compelling characters for themselves in the form of Roman and Salome. I’m quite fascinated by both vamps and have a feeling they’re going to continue being the highlight of the season.

As fantastic as The Authority stuff was (especially Salome’s promiscuous ways with half the cast), Pam was undoubtedly the best thing about this hour. I adored her flashbacks (with Bill & Lorena no less) and that epic scene in which she practically forced Eric to turn her. Their relationship is simply outstanding and these flashbacks have only added to the intriguing layers.

Of course this hour wasn’t perfect. There’s still a lot of dead weight hat needed to be trimmed out yesterday. What is the point of Alcide? He is just completely devoid of any personality whatsoever. And the less said about Terry’s arc the better.

Bloody Bits

 – Sookie fairy-blasting Pam was brilliant. Let’s hope she goes on the offensive and embraces her abilities more often.

– I’m so glad we’re spending time at Merlotte’s again. That bar just gives me the coziest feeling.

– Jason & Jessica are surprisingly heartfelt together.

– The Lafayette bleach scene was all kinds of creepy. I wish he went through with it.

– Tara wasn’t the greatest in this episode but I did enjoy her potential suicide with the tanning bed at the end. Here comes Pam (and trouble).

True Quips

Pam: An honorable vampire. Isn’t that a contradiction?
Eric: No more than an intelligent whore.

Although it still had the same flaws as the previous two episodes, this was another compelling hour that further cemented True Blood‘s resurgence this year.

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