Mad Men

Mad Men 5×07 – At The Codfish Ball


Brilliant. I adored this one. Megan is slowly becoming the standout character of the season as I found myself utterly fascinated by her cracking the Heinz beans campaign (and not really taking the credit for it). The magnificent highlight of the hour was undoubtedly the power couple pitching the campaign in the nick of time and salvaging the account. Since I work in advertising myself, it was particularly enthralling to see the manipulation and bullshitting I see on a daily basis unfold before me.

Another aspect I enjoyed great was the introduction of Megan’s intriguing parents and their bag of insecurities. Sally stumbling on to Roger and Megan’s mom in a “dirty” scenario was an excellent climax to the proceedings. Speaking of Sally, she couldn’t have been more awesome throughout the hour and I especially loved her partnership with Roger. I’m really such a huge fan of unique pairings such as this one. The return of Bobby on the other hand was awkward and I’m wondering where this is all leading to.

Finally, Peggy’s life sucked yet again as her mom scolded her for choosing to move in with a man but the aspect I really loved was Peggy’s maturing relationship with Joan. I can never get enough of the latter and their duo is just so layered and compelling.

All in all, a fantastic hour from one of the best productions on television.

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