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Mad Men 5×09 – Dark Shadows

 "I'm thankful I have everything I want, and no one else has anything better."


I’m really unsure of Betty’s place on Mad Men these days. She was a phenomenal character in the show’s first three seasons. However, once she separated from Don and found Henry, the writers have slowly but surely butchered the character. She’s become unsympathetic and a borderline villain in most cases. It’s quite unfortunate as she used to be one of my most favorite characters.

Nevertheless, although Betty’s role feels off these days, I did enjoy watching her struggle with her weight in this episode. Furthermore, she got some great moments as she visited Don and Megan’s apartment and subsequently tried to play her mind games on Sally (as usual). The plot also gave Sally some brilliant moments particularly her whole “are you going to cry” line as she bullied Megan (who’s such a fan target).

In other news, Roger was an ass again as he slept with Jane in her new apartment and subsequently ruined her chances at a fresh start. His guilt was a bit out of a character, but I’ll take anything to see Jane again who’s just insanely likeable (and beautiful).

Ultimately, this was a tad weaker than the episodes preceding it, but it was still an enjoyable hour of television.

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