Mad Men

Mad Men 5×10 – Christmas Waltz

"Not every little girl gets to do what they want. The world could not support that many ballerinas."


An uneven hour.

First off, the good stuff. The highlight for me was the fantastic interplay between Don & Joan. Here’s a duo who have never really interacted and I seriously wonder what took the writers this long to get them together. It was utterly brilliant. I adored everything from Joan snapping at the secretary (physically I might) to the Jaguar/ bar scenes with Don. I’m actually wondering if the writers will ever go there and make these two a couple as it just might work.

Harry on the other hand I could care less about. The whole Hindu storyline bored me to tears asĀ  storylines and characters like these are definitely not the reason I watch Mad Men. This subplot was undoubtedly the weakest and most useless aspect of the season.

Finally, I loved Megan practically transforming into Betty as she waited for Don to return home for dinner. It’s sad really how being with Don does that to a woman. However, her screaming at him to sit down and forcing him to eat was immensely amusing.

All in all, a very unbalanced hour. Nevertheless, the Joan & Don stuff more than made up for the rest of the episode’s weak material.

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