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Mad Men 5×11 – The Other Woman


My oh my. That was utterly brilliant. This just might be one of my most favorite episodes of Mad Men ever. The Joan stuff was just out of this world fantastic, unsettling, and disturbing. I really loved everything about it.

From Pete further cementing himself as the sleaziest guy on earth, to that stunning reveal of Don having visited Joan AFTER the deed was done, and of course the Jaguar pitch intercut with Joan’s sacrifice, there was just so much to appreciate throughout the hour. Nevertheless, I am definitely glad that Joan is now a partner. It will undoubtedly yield some fascinating material for the future as she really is one of my most favorite characters on the show.

In other news, Don threw money at Peggy which was just insanely demeaning and rude. However, her goodbye speech at the end was magnificent coupled with him kissing her hand and practically begging her to stay. Her smile during the episode’s final moments was just the perfect bookend to a grim hour. God Peggy has grown from that insecure little secretary. Just phenomenal. Glorious television.

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