True Blood

True Blood 5×04 – We’ll Meet Again

"Seriously three days old and she has an eating disorder. Why me?"


And the unevenness continues. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still enjoying this season quite a bit but the writers don’t seem to get that their cast is just way too large and filled with the most useless subplots of all time.

┬áSeriously the Iraq stuff? What the hell are they smoking? Insipid and beyond pathetic. And Debbie’s parents? Do we really need to be wasting time with such pointless diversions? And finally, the less said about Lafayette’s magical developments the better.

However, since The Authority stuff is still oh so great, I’m giving the above crap a pass for now. It’s still infinitely better as a main arc than the witch stuff last year so I’m relatively satisfied. Also, could there have been a more epic shot than the Guardian brutally slaughtering the young vampire as his face becomes drenched with blood? Phenomenal.

In addition, all the Pam stuff remains marvelous. I loved Eric telling her she’s his legacy before releasing her. They’re such a touching duo and I always look forward to more of them. Moreover, Pam and Tara have the potential to be utterly hilarious as so far it has yet to disappoint.

In other news, everybody including Sookie realized how toxic she is. I like that we’re pointing out how everyone keeps suffering and dying around her. Unfortunately she’s still not compelling as a protagonist although I did miss her hearing people’s thoughts at Merlotte’s (a welcome little scene).

And finally Alcide was giving something to do that wasn’t borderline stupid as he had sex with Sookie as her two boys (Eric & Bill) watched from outside. I can’t express how much more intriguing their characters when they’re on their own and not chasing after useless Sookie.

I’m not going to judge the fairy stuff yet but I don’t have high hopes. They were pretty stupid last year and I fail to be intrigued by the Sookie’s parents being murdered fairies retcon. Still, I’ll give it a chance for now.

All in all, a very flawed hour yet there was enough good stuff to keep me in line for now.

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