Mad Men Season Finale

Mad Men 5×13- The Phantom


Well that was anticlimactic. I expect so much more from finales. This was just way too flat for my taste. I know Mad Men isn’t the type of show that will bombard you with plot twists and cliffhangers but at least have the emotional resonance to separate the hour from the rest of the season’s episodes.

In fact, this felt like a sub-par episode of the show. Nothing really stuck with me afterwards which is just so unfortunate. Perhaps they should have ended the season with the events of “The Other Woman” as at least that episode was mind-blowing in its own special way.

Moreover, did we really need to waste so much time with Pete and his crazy mistress? Kill me now; that was just tedious to watch.

On a positive note I did enjoy Don seeing Adam everywhere, Lane’s wife scolding him, Pete getting punched, Megan’s mom being a total psycho, and of course that utterly iconic shot of our partners staring out into the distance in their new office space.

All in all though, this was not the finale I would have liked after such a thrilling season. Oh well, I have no doubt the show will return with guns a’ blazing next year.

It’s going be a long wait.

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