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True Blood 5×05 – Let’s Boot & Rally

"I fucked a fairy?"


Well if this season of True Blood has been anything, it’s consistent. The Authority arc with Bill & Eric’s involvement is still undeniably intriguing and Tara/Pam are pretty entertaining, while practically everything else is superfluous and tedious. I just really want this show to return to its former glory after last year’s mess and I really think the chess pieces are there to allow that.

All the writers have to do is kill off the dead weight: Luna, Lafayette, Terry, Andy, Hoyt (and yes I realized I just named half the cast) and we’d really have an epic season. Thankfully the writers seem to be setting themselves up on the right track with the episode’s shooting of the ever-annoying Luna. Here’s hoping for more grisly and well-deserved murders.

I can’t express how much I don’t care about Lafayette and his stupid witch arc. As far as I’m concerned, his character stopped mattering a long time ago. The same goes for Terry’s Iraq subplot which is still as horrible as ever. An Ifrit? Really? I was literally going to gouge my eyes out. Beyond hideous storylines.

Surprisingly, I’m enjoying Tara as the writers have finally discovered what to do with her. Her scenes with Pam at Fangtasia are pure gold and I’m loving her as the establishment’s new bartender. Even her relationship with Jessica is amusing (although it didn’t last long as witnessed by their clash at the end).

Finally, the Russel stuff was dragged out for far too long. We have to wait yet another week for the showdown which is unfortunate. Nevertheless I did love the ending with Russell’s telling Sookie and her 3 lovers to give it her best shot. Let’s just hope next week isn’t anticlimactic (which seems to be True Blood’s specialty).

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