True Blood

True Blood 5×07 – In The Beginning

"Fuck him, her, it."


A lot of forward motion in this one. The final minutes in particular were excellent as a multitude of storylines climaxed in spectacular fashion particularly with Jason shooting Jessica and the introduction of Lilith (who was definitely not what I was expecting).

 I do hope we’ll be seeing more of her and that the writers do an adequate job of shaping her desires and motivations. Moreover, can I just say that Salome, Russel, and Nora’s evil trifecta of mean vamps is simply hilarious and awesome? More please.

I was also quite impressed with Tara who has slowly evolved into a fascinating element this season. Her relationship with Pam continues to engage especially as the latter takes on a surrogate mother role (Tara’s own mom making an appearance was also quite welcome).

Of course Lafayette, Terry, and the wolf crew had to slow things down again for what seemed to be the zillionth time this season but I think I’ve grown quite adept at filtering them and finding more productive things to do when they’re on screen.

Finally, I seriously doubt Sookie’s powers will deplete but I’m undoubtedly intriuged to see where this all goes. Not bad at all.

Nad Rating


  1. Great review, Nadim.

    I agree about Tara. I'm actually LIKING her this season, which is a surprise. And I liked seeing Lettie-Mae as well.

    And Terry/Alcide really do slow things down this season, don't they? The show needs to cut some fat.

    I hope Sookie doesn't kill her powers either. There's some more fun to be had there!

  2. So true Panda. I'm glad we're seeing eye-to-eye over this season. I really hope they trim the fat and give us some epic final hours this year because the Authority set-up has just been brilliant. I really don't want the filler characters slowing things down any more.

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